Treat Yo Self

The other day I found out that I had gotten a scholarship for my master's degree, so naturally I had to go out and treat myself to something nice! I've been wanting to go to Boux Avenue for a while so I decided to finally go in and get a bra fitting and treat myself to something nice!

My Happy Planner

Oh planners... I used to laugh at people decorating their planners because it just seemed so silly, but then I got a filofax and recently I changed over to a Happy Planner, because I wanted more space to track different things. The Happy Planner is very similar to the popular Erin Condren Life Planner, but it's a lot cheaper, plus it's disc bound so you can take pages out and add things (I've currently got my eye on the home extension pack for budgeting, cleaning, etc.). If you're wondering why mine has weird marks on it, that is due to a recent leak situation in my flat... but that's a story for another day.

The Capsule Wardrobe Experiment

Minimalism has become quite a big theme in the blogging world and recently I've been trying to reduce the amount of stuff I own. While I've had quite a lot of success using the KonMari method (read about it here), the one area where I always struggle is my wardrobe. I have a lot of clothes but nothing to wear. So today I decided on a whim to see if I could do the whole 'capsule wardrobe' thing.

A look into my Project Life Photo Album

After my recent post about what you need to start a Project Life album (read it here), I thought I'd share some of my favourite pages from my own album. I'm about eight months behind on my album (oops), but I've recently gotten all my new photos printed so I will be catching up soon... So most of these pages are about a year old, but I still love them. I don't really do any journaling in my project life books because I prefer to just fill them with pictures, and I just add journalling cards when I have empty spaces.

Looking sunkissed with Sunkissed

As I write this post I am sitting on my sofa wrapped up in a blanket, looking out at the rain- the British summer certainly leaves a lot to be desired! Thankfully there are ways to look like you've just been on holiday for a week even if you actually haven't seen the sun in god knows how long!