The little blue box

There's something about that little blue box that just makes every girl's heart beat a little bit faster... Tiffany jewellery is just something so incredibly special, so I was absolutely ecstatic to receive a ring from my parents as a graduation present!

Styling a bookshelf for beginners

Styling a bookshelf seems like a ridiculous thing to do that is only worth it in show homes, but it's becoming an increasingly popular thing to do. I personally love the look of a beautifully styled bookshelf because I think it adds so much to a room. Obviously there are tons of ways to style your bookcase and in the end it's always down to personal preference, but here are some of my tips.

Asda MEATup

A while ago, Talented Talkers contacted me asking if I wanted to attend a BBQ hosted by Asda on National Burger day. Despite not liking burgers (please don't shoot me) I obviously said yes, because food. The exciting part was that the event would take place in a secret location, which I found extremely intriguing!

Leave Your Mark- Book Review

A few weeks ago I decided to order a few books, namely books written by career women, because I felt like I needed a little nudge in the right direction. I picked up 'Leave your mark' by Aliza Licht because it was recommended on a website and I can tell you know that it was £8 well spent!

New business cards from Vistaprint

Business cards are a funny thing to have as a small blogger because odds are you'll only give out about one a year. However it's a fact that the one time you don't have them with you, at least three people will ask for one, so I've made a habit of carrying them around with me.