Doc's- What are they, should I own them and why do they cost so much?

Seeing as this blog is called "Living Life in Docs", I thought it would only be fitting to start off with a post about Docs aka Dr. Martens aka DMs. I'm going to answer the three questions that I had before I bought my first pair and then write a bit about the two pairs that I own and love. So let's get started, shall we?

What are they? (and a bit of history)

There are lots of different models of Dr Martens nowadays, but it all started when a German doctor called Klaus Märtens injured his ankle and decided that standard issue army boots weren't comfortable enough for his poor little foot so he started making improvements on them cushioning the sole with tyres (don't worry, they don't do that anymore). He realized what he a genius he was and decided to start selling his improved combat boots but somehow it wasn't quite working... I won't bore you with the details of how he finally managed to sell them but a fun fact for you is that the shoes mainly sold to housewives at first, over 80% of sales were to women over 40! Since everything was going so well he decided to market the shoes internationally and a British shoe manufacturer snatched up the patent, adjusted the shoes a little bit, added the yellow stitching and called the soles "AirWair". Since Klaus Märtens isn't something British people can easily pronounce he also adjusted the name for the market and that's how Dr Martens was born!
These days the shoes aren't manufactured in England anymore (and let's face it, what is?) due to a rather unfortunate incident of near-bancrupcy a few year ago so everything has been outsourced to China and Thailand but the quality is still at a very high standard.
When people speak of Docs they are normally referring to the classic boot style that the brand is famous for. You can get them in different finishes like velvet, leather, patent leather, suede and even patterns. However there are also lots of different other models like heels and all that. 

If I had to describe Dr Martens boots in only three words I would use comfort, durability and quality.

Should I own them?

Yes. Yes yes yes yes. I know that some people won't like them because they are quite bulky and not the most feminine shoes (even though you can get them as cute little heels... if you're a girly girl definitely check those out) but if you have a more practical style like me then they will be one of the best investments you've ever made. Besides looking extremely cool and toughening up any outfit they are also the most comfortable shoes I have ever owned. It takes two to three weeks to break them in, in which time your feet will be in intense pain, but afterwards you will be able to walk all day without your feet hurting! If that's not worth it then I don't know what is... If you get a classic style then they also go with pretty much everything. I wear them with jeans, skirts, dresses, any outfit really.

Why are they so expensive????

Before I go into why they are so expensive I want to mention this little concept called "price per wear". I mainly use it as an excuse to buy expensive things but it does make a lot of sense. Basically, when you buy a dress from Primark for £10 and you wear it five times and then it falls apart, the price per wear is £2. When you buy a pair of Doc Martens boots for £100 and you wear them every single day during the Winter (so that's about six months here in England), the price per wear is *gets out calculator* about 55p. And a pair of Docs isn't just going to last you six months, it's more likely to last you 10 years. So with that in mind, let's talk about shoe prices.
I own two pairs of Docs, both are the classic model, although one has fur lining. They were both around £110 but I got student discount on them (yay for being a student!) so I paid about £100. This sounds quite excessive but they are extremely well made shoes that will literally last you a lifetime. They are durable, waterproof and extremely comfortable so they are definitely worth the money. Also think about all the money that you have spent on boots in the past which have broken after one Winter... if you added it all up you probably could have bought several pairs of Docs by now.

I hope this was a helpful post if you are thinking about getting some Docs or just enjoyable to read if you're already a Dr Martens lover!

I will leave you with some photos of my Docs.

Unfortunately I can't tell you what these are called because I can't find them on the website and I've never seen anyone who has the same ones...

Serena boot (for warm feet!)

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