Race for Life

Yesterday night I participated in the first ever Race for Life Twilight in Brighton. Race for Life is a charity run to raise money for Cancer Research UK and it's for women only- hence all the pink. They have runs of different distances all over the country so if you want to participate in one there is probably one near you! The Race for Life Twilight is the exact same concept, but it happens at night so it's really dark and everyone wear's fairy lights and glow sticks. It's an incredible atmosphere!

Here's some pictures of me before the run started! When you sign up you can get the T-Shirt I'm wearing for only £4 which I thought was great. You also get a little sign that you can write the reason why you're running RFL on- in my case I was running it for my grandpa ('Opa' is German for grandpa).
My best friend Emma (also known as CheekySmiles101 in the blogger world) came to support me and endured all sorts of horrible weather conditions which I was very grateful for. I did the actual run on my own but while I was waiting for the race to start I met a lovely girl who was also running by herself so we decided to run together- she had only started running five weeks ago and had never completed 5k so it was definitely a challenge for her and I was so proud of her for finishing the race in only 32 minutes! It was really nice to have someone to talk to and time just flew by.
If you're thinking about participating in a Race for Life then I would definitely say do it! It's so much fun, a great atmosphere and you're guaranteed to meet some great people. Most of us have been affected by cancer in some way or another and it feels great to do something so fun while supporting such a great cause. 

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