A rant about The Body Shop marketing

Today I went to the Careers Fair put on by the University of Sussex and University of Brighton. It was a great day and I got to look at many great job opportunities (and got loads of free pens) and I got especially excited when I saw that The Body Shop has a stand because I think it's a great company! I'm very interested in marketing so they told me about all the internship opportunities they have and then much to my excitement handed me a goodie bag filled with samples!

Obviously I was very happy to get all these samples, however what I immediately realized was that almost half the samples were from L'Oréal instead of The Body Shop. I know that L'Oréal owns The Body Shop (and about a million other brands) so it technically makes sense, however to me it seems to be bad marketing since one of the main things people like about The Body Shop is the fact that they don't test on animals, whilst one of the main things people tend to dislike about L'Oréal is that they do... I remember there being a huge controversy about this when L'Oréal bought The Body Shop so I don't understand why they would include L'Oréal samples in their goodie bags. If I was responsible for their marketing I would try to avoid the association as much as possible.
What are your thoughts? Do you think their association with L'Oréal has been bad for The Body Shop?

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