Bleach London Tangerine Dream Hair Colour

I've been thinking about dying my hair a crazy colour again for a while, especially now that it's quite light at the ends so when I saw these new fun hair colours from Bleach London I was sold!
They're non-permanent and only stay in a few washes but that's exactly what I want for my little hair experiments and at £5 per bottle they're really affordable! I've read some good and some bad reviews about these colours, a lot of people have said that they stain their hair (especially the blue tones) and Bleach London actually took at least one colour I know of out of the range for that reason so I went for an orange tone instead of the purple I originally wanted. I will update you on whether or not this stains my hair (I hope not...).
The directions say to shampoo your hair and apply the colour to towel dried hair and then leave it for 15 minutes, but since my hair is much darker than what the hair dye is for (they're for pretty much white hair), I left it in for 30 minutes instead. The application was really really easy, I only needed a tiny bit of dye because I was only doing the ends so the bottle will last me for a few applications. The colour is really creamy so it doesn't drip and even though I didn't use gloves it didn't stay my hands.
I was really pleasantly surprised with how vivid the colour turned out! I also put it into a white towel when it was wet and slept on white bedsheets and it doesn't appear to stain anything... Now here's to hoping it doesn't stain my hair either... I definitely love the colour though and I think I will keep using it for a while, maybe going a bit higher up in my hair next time.

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