Budgeting and my first ever spending ban

Budgeting- this word goes against everything I believe in. Okay, I'm being a bit overly dramatic here but I honestly hate hate hate budgeting. I just like buying pretty things and going out for coffee and sushi and trying out new makeup... Unfortunately I'm a student so I'm on quite a tight budget and I have been really really bad at sticking to it so today I decided to get my finances in order. I looked at how much money I have in my bank account- then cried a little bit- and then decided to make it work (in true Tim Gunn fashion).
So here's what I'm planning on doing along with a few tips that might help you.

The first thing I did was take the total amount of money and divide it by the number of weeks it has to last me. Didn't look too bad! I then realized that there's some stuff I have to pay for every month so I deducted that from the total and it was already looking a lot sadder. Turns out I can spend £40 a week... This is when I decided that a spending ban was in order!

Now if you've read my Beauty Blogger Tag then you know that I have never tried a spending ban so I'm not sure how this is going to go. But here's the things I'm not allowed to buy over the next month:

  • Make Up- no Allie you do not need that extra foundation, you have about a million already.
  • Hair care items (apart from shampoo and conditioner)- maybe this will actually lead to me using up some of the stuff accumulating in my beauty basket...
  • Starbucks- this is without a doubt going to be the hardest but it's definitely going to make an impact because I spend between £3-£7 every time I go to Starbucks- and I go A LOT.
  • Sushi and any meals out- Allie you have a perfectly fine kitchen, use it!
  • Chocolate- two birds with one stone, save money and maybe even get my abs to come out and say hello to the world again.
  • Clothes- I already have issues fitting all my clothes into my wardrobe, unless I sort through it Evelina Barry style, no new pieces shall enter my collection this month!
  • Candles- *sniff*.
  • Going to the pub- this one is going to be hard too but I'm sure my bank account and my body will both thank me for it.
Oh yes, it's going to be a hard month. But it's definitely going to be worth it when I don't go over budget this month and can spend more money on lovely Christmas presents!

I personally like weekly budgets because they're a lot easier to follow- of course there are always going to be weeks when you spend a little more but then just try to spend less the next week to even it out. Most of my money goes towards food because I try to eat healthy which is quite expensive. However what often happens is that I buy lots of good food and then not eat lots of it because fresh food goes off very quickly so I'm going to try to go food shopping more often for smaller shops and actually use everything up.

I hope you found this post useful in some way! Have you ever tried a spending ban?

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