The Fancy Dress #1

If you read the post about my Halloween Costume you may know that I am absolutely obsessed with fancy dress. Here in the UK we love our fancy dress parties so I get the chance to dress up a lot, which has led to me owning quite an extensive fancy dress collection! I like to go all out for themed parties, you will never see me put on some cat ears and drawing on whiskers, I put some serious effort into my outfits. However I do try to keep it cheap since I can't splurge on new costumes all the time, so I thought I'd do a series on fancy dress and maybe inspire some of you!

Today I'm going to a PoleSoc social themed "High School Stereotypes" so things like cheerleader, nerd, emo, etc. Since I have a cheerleader costume from last Halloween and actually used to be a cheerleader my costume decision wasn't too hard!

Please excuse the bad quality of the photos, I got ready when it was already dark outside so I had some lighting problems. I decided on quite an intense eye makeup in silver because I wanted it to be sparkly! I used the silver colour from the MUA Undress Me Too palette all over the lid and then the black on the outer corner and throughout the crease. I used a piece of paper to get a sharp edge! I then just added the black on the outer part of my lower lash line to bring the look together. Obviously I needed some fake lashes so I used the Primark Sultry Lashes which are only £1 but they're so great! On my lips I used the NYX lipgloss in Tea Rose. 

Like I said, I already had this outfit from last Halloween. It's just a long sleeved shirt from Primark and a simple bodycon skirt from H&M which I sewed white stripes and letters on. The whole costume took me a few days to make because I was sewing it by hand but it cost me less than £10! For shoes I just wore my white trainers, which I actually used to wear when I was a cheerleader!

Here's two of my favourite photos from the night! I had a great time :)

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