Tips for staying warm while looking good

This post isn't really a part of sort your life out week, but I thought it would be appropriate to post it today since it's bonfire night! I'm going to Lewes Bonfire tonight which I am extremely excited about, but it's going to be really really cold! So here's some tips for staying warm without looking like the Michelin man:

Get a good coat
Duh. If you have a nice warm coat (it's all about the fluffy lining), then you're half way there! Mine is from River Island and even though I feel a little bit like Macklemore in it because it's so big and fluffy, I absolutely love it. It's the perfect coat/leather jacket hybrid!

Fluffy socks/shoes with fluffy lining
Or both! I have the Dr Marten's boots with the lining inside (I wrote about them here and they're the greatest thing ever. Another tip is when you're buying your winter boots, get them a liiiittle bit bigger than you normally would to leave some room for big socks. Ideally wear some big socks when you try them on so you can see if they fit well.

I'm not necessarily talking about the obvious fashionable layering here, even thought that's great too. I love to wear tights underneath my jeans in the winter because it keeps me extra warm and your legs are normally a place that get's quite cold because it's not protected by a coat! I also wear a simple vest underneath jumpers and I feel like that makes a massive difference. And the best thing about this is that you can't see your extra layers!

Hat and gloves
I'm gonna start off by saying that I very much dislike the way I look with a hat on. But my ears just get so cold! For me, if my ears, hands and feet are warm, the rest doesn't really matter. Similarly, I could be wearing the warmest coat but if my feet, hands and ears are freezing I won't be happy and I will get ill, so try to find a nice hat that suits you (beanies ftw) and get some nice warm gloves too and you'll be sorted!

I hope you all had a great Bonfire night!

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