What's on my nails #3- The Poundland Bargain

Yesterday I spent my day shopping for Christmas presents and on my way home I walked past Poundland so I decided to see what they have on offer in the beauty department at the moment. Poundland have great brand offers sometimes, I've got a Sally Hansen and an OPI nail polish which I got for £1! So today I was really happy when I saw that they had loads of Revlon nail polishes in pretty glittery colours. I chose this purple shade which is so lovely and shimmery and perfect for the holiday season.
The shade is called Sugar Plum and its a fast dry nail polish, which is definitely true! Within five minutes my nails were dry to the touch (this is with the Sally Hansen Quick Dry top coat)! I used two coats but you could definitely get away with doing only one coat if you're in a hurry. I'm not in love with the brush because I've completely been converted to the wide Sally Hansen Complete Manicure brushes and this is more of a thin precision brush, but it's still good and I didn't have any problems applying my nail polish- apart from my general clumsiness that is. The packaging says it'll stay on for 10 days but who believes that anyway... if it hasn't chipped tomorrow I'll be impressed!
If you live near a Poundland definitely check out their nail polish offerings every once in a while, you might find a gem like this for only £1!

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