December Favourites

What's on my face #4

So Christmas is officially over and life is slowly but surely going back to normal. None of the items in this look are Christmas presents but some of them are new!

NYX Love in Paris Review

Merry Christmas everyone! As I'm in Germany, I got my presents yesterday and my sister got me this really pretty palette by NYX! It's the Love in Paris palette in the shade 03 Be our guest Maurice and the colours are perfect for me, they're mainly purples but there's some grey and bronze shades in there too.

Ski Trip Skincare Add-ons

During the winter, your skin needs that extra bit of TLC so it doesn't dry out too much, but when you're out in the cold skiing all day, some extra products are needed!

Early Christmas present and depotting MAC eyeshadows

If you read my blog regularly then you've probably heard of (and hopefully followed) my friend Emma from Cheekysmiles101- well yesterday, she gave me my Christmas present early, as we won't be in the same country for Christmas, and it was a large MAC palette!

Drugstore Product Recreation of Beautycrush's Rihanna Look

Last assignment handed in and I'm back with a makeup look! I saw this Rihanna inspired look by one of my favourite you tubers Sammi (BeautyCrush) and I recreated it the same day! Obviously I don't have the same products as she does so I thought it would be great to recreate it with drugstore products for those of us who can't afford to buy a Naked palette *cries a little*.

New blogging schedule

Hey everyone! I'm really sorry about the lack of posts in the past few days, I've been really busy with uni work and show choir performances and every time I get home there's just no light to take pictures!! I feel like I may have been a bit ambitious when I started posting every day, it worked well in the beginning but now I have deadlines followed by a ski trip, followed by Christmas, followed by lots of exams... I just don't think it's feasible to post every day because as much as I love blogging, my degree needs to be my priority. So I have decided that instead of posting every day I will from now on post every other day because it's not a massive change for people who read my blog but it's half the work for me so I have more time revising things like homoscedasticity and GABA receptors (don't worry, I'm not sure what they are either).
I hope you don't mind this little change and hopefully I'll be able to blog regularly again from now on!



Trish McEvoy Wishlist

As I mentioned in my previous post, Emma and I went on a little adventure through London after the Kiehl's event and we ended up going to Liberty, a very posh department store. We got there about ten minutes before closing time and we obviously headed straight for the beauty hall, where we were drawn in by the Trish McEvoy display.

Kiehl's Meet Up with Vivianna does Makeup and Lily Pebbles

I'm writing this at 1am in the morning after just having come back from the most amazing evening ever- I got to meet Anna and Lily, my two favourite bloggers, and I just had a generally incredible evening. Pictures say more than a thousand words so have a look at these...

What's on my face #3- Meeting Anna and Lily Pebbles!

I am so so so excited to meet Anna and Lily in a few hours and I can't wait to get on that train but before I do, I thought I'd share my makeup look with you! I'm wearing quite a casual outfit so I wanted to put a little bit more effort into my makeup- it's not every day that you meet your makeup gurus!

Kiehl's Brand Review

Today I'm going to London to see Anna from Vivianna does Makeup and Lily Pebbles at an event at Kiehl's- I am beyond excited so I thought it would only be fitting to share my thoughts about Kiehl's with you today!

Embracing the orange

As you can see, I have recently dyed the ends of my hair orange (post about it here) and my makeup has been mainly inspired by my hair since then. I obviously can't go too crazy with my makeup because my hair is already crazy enough but I thought that I can subtly get the orange into my makeup look as well!

November Favourites

This month I've had quite a few favourites, some of which are rediscoveries and some are new... So let's get started, shall we?