December Favourites

I saw this perfume about a month ago when I was doing some Christmas shopping and I didn't even smell it before I knew that I wanted it. For someone who wants to go into marketing it's embarrassing how easily I'm influenced by advertising but I loved the original Loverdose advert and just the fact that they added the word Tattoo to the name made me want this fragrance... I'm normal, I swear. Thankfully I love the smell just as much as I loved the advert- I don't like floral scents very much, I normally wear Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel, which is actually quite a masculine scent and during the ski trip when I'd forgotten my perfume I actually wore my friend Connor's aftershave... I may have a beauty blog but I'm not a girly girl when it comes to scents. This fragrance is the perfect balance between feminine and masculine and let's face it, the bottle will look awesome on my dressing table. Also, due to communication issues in my family I now own a lifetime supply of this because I got the 30ml and the 50ml so I won't be running out any time soon.

This has been my brow pencil of choice for over a year now but I never really mentioned how great it is! For a while I was using the MUFE Aqua Brow but I quickly went back to this pencil because it's just so easy to use. The colour Brow-n-eyed Peas (how adorable is that?) is a perfect match for my eyebrows and it's the perfect consistency, not too hard and not too waxy and stays on for ages. I also really like that it has a spooly on the end so you can brush your eyebrows into place before filling them in and brush them through to soften any harsh lines after. I had one of these for about a year and I still had loads left but the spooly broke off while I was travelling so I just repurchased it- definitely an all time favourite.

I got this as a sample when I went to the Kiehl's Meet Up at the beginning of the month and I've been using it as my evening moisturiser ever since (it's a very generous sample!). It's a very light gel-like moisturiser that I find perfect for using in the evening because it's not too heavy but still moisturises well and provides a great base for any oils I may want to use. It's hard to get over the price tag with this one but a penny spent on skincare is never a penny wasted so I think I will definitely be purchasing the full size of this when I run out.

I used to be absolutely obsessed with these colour tattoos because they didn't crease as badly as powder eyeshadows but since I got my Urban Decay eyeshadow base I sort of stopped using them because I had all these beautiful eyeshadows that I could suddenly wear! But when I saw Beautycrush's Rihanna tutorial I immediately thought that the eyeshadow she used looked like On and on Bronze so I got it back out and have been using it ever since. It's a great bronze colour and when I use an eyeshadow base with it lasts for ages! It's also a great base for other eyeshadows- the possibilities are endless.

So those were my December favourites! Not many new things here but I got lots of stuff for Christmas (and I've done a cheeky little bit of shopping) so I'm sure my January favourites will be very exciting... In the meantime, get ready for some reviews!

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