Kiehl's Brand Review

Today I'm going to London to see Anna from Vivianna does Makeup and Lily Pebbles at an event at Kiehl's- I am beyond excited so I thought it would only be fitting to share my thoughts about Kiehl's with you today!
During my gap year, a Kiehl's shop opened in the new extension of the shopping centre where I lived- at the time I had no idea what Kiehl's was, the shop just caught my eye because it had a vintage Harley inside but when I saw the people in white lab coats I decided not to go in.
A few months later, I first heard of Kiehl's on YouTube- I can't remember who was talking about it but I remember that they were raving about the Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado and I knew that I had to have it so as soon as I got home I bought it and I haven't looked back since. I've had it for about eight months now and I'm only about half way through the eyecream and haven't felt the need to try another one- I absolutely love it.
What I love about Kiehl's isn't just the quality of their products but also the extraordinary quality of their service. Normally when I look at more high end cosmetics I get weird looks from sales assistants and they aren't quite as forthcoming as I think they would be if I was a well-off middle aged woman. However, I've never had an experience like that at Kiehl's. When I first walked in to buy my eye cream, the guy in the shop was extremely helpful and lovely and asked if I wanted any specific samples and when I said that I wasn't very familiar with the brand he asked me lots of questions about my skin and my skincare to be able to give me samples that are suited to my skin.
Obviously it wasn't long until I set my eyes on another Kiehl's product that I just HAD to own- the Midnight Recovery Concentrate, one of their cult products. Since it's very expensive I wanted to try it out first so I went into the shop to ask for a sample, which was absolutely no problem even though I didn't purchase anything- the woman in the shop gave me a sample of the Midnight Recovery Eye Cream as well so I could try it out! The samples are really quite generous and I managed to stretch them for almost two weeks! I've since purchased the Midnight Recovery Concentrate and I just love how smooth and hydrated it makes my skin feel.
All in all, I think Kiehl's has outstanding service and their products are great. They're just simple no-fuss products that work and I'm definitely considering a cheeky purchase tonight at the 20% off event...

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