Kiehl's Meet Up with Vivianna does Makeup and Lily Pebbles

I'm writing this at 1am in the morning after just having come back from the most amazing evening ever- I got to meet Anna and Lily, my two favourite bloggers, and I just had a generally incredible evening. Pictures say more than a thousand words so have a look at these...

Meeting Anna and Lily was absolutely surreal, they greeted us as if we were old friends and they are just gorgeous! Lily immediately complimented Emma and me on our hair and when we went to get a picture with them later she said "oh look it's the girls with the great hair!", which was such a nice thing to hear from someone as gorgeous as her! I think they did an amazing job at talking to everyone and they were so incredibly nice!
The event in itself was really nice and well organised as well and even though I came mainly to see Anna and Lily it would even have been a good event on its own. There were drinks and snacks (I'm easy to please) and I had a great skin consultation! The woman doing it was called Jillian and she was amazing; she used little paper things, which she pressed on my forehead and cheek and they would form little black dots and show how oily your skin is. On the basis of that, she recommended the Absinthe moisturiser for me, which I obviously then went on to buy, without even asking for the price. I had a bit of a heart attack at the till when I was told it was £40 but we got a 20% discount so it was "only" £32... Let's just forget about the price, shall we? We also got tons and tons of samples, including a big sample of the Creme de Corps and the Ultra Facial Moisturiser which I am very excited about trying out!
One of my favourite moments of the night was when Lily said she sometimes uses her SPF from Kiehl's as a moisturiser and Anna shouted "Don't tell Caroline Hirons that!" and the whole room laughed- it was amazing to be in a room full of people who all got that joke!
After the event, Emma and I went to M&M World and Hamleys, the massive toy store which was so much fun so I added some of my non-beauty related photos... We also went to Liberty and had a lovely experience there but there will be a post on that soon!

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