A little haul

Remember that spending ban I had? Yeah me neither. The other day when I got my eyebrows done at Benefit (read about that here) I decided to go buy the Charles Worthington Texturising Spray because I'd seen people talking about it on twitter and needed something to perk up my currently rather sad looking hair. Unfortunately I didn't stop there and bought some other things too so today I wanted to share with you what I bought.

Obviously this is what I came to get, so it was the first thing I looked for. There was a two for £8 offer on Charles Worthington products going on so I got quite excited because I've been eyeing up the salt spray but thankfully I read the small print and found out it didn't apply to the Salon at home range. Dammit! Anyway, I've been using this for two days now and I love it- it makes your hair feel quite gritty and gives it that lovely texture and also really helps with volume. You can definitely feel it in your hair though and it makes it quite difficult to brush so if you don't like that sort of product, this isn't for you.

I've been lusting after this base coat for quite a while because my nails have a lot of ridges in them so my nail polish doesn't look particularly nice. Having gel nails has spoiled me and I now love that look but unfortunately my natural nails have been ruined by the gel so I'm taking a break. This base coat is meant to fill in ridges and conceal imperfections and it does just that. My nail polish looks a lot smoother and it has actually been staying on surprisingly well- a day and a half with almost no chipping. Now I don't know if that is due to the base coat or the nail polish but it's most certainly an interesting development which I promise to further investigate.

Because clearly I don't own enough nail polish yet. Recently Anna has been talking about Chanel Rouge Noir non-stop so when I saw I thought it might be quite a good dupe and also a colour that I don't have in my collection yet, which is strange since it's the perfect colour for me. It's a really dark, almost black, red and I absolutely love it. The only thing that bothers me is the brush because I really like the wide, flat brushes that Essie and Sally Hansen nail polishes have, and this has one of those small brushes that are quite hard to work with. But at the end of the day it's the result that counts and the colour is definitely worth it- completely opaque in two coats.

I have been trying to hunt down this product for so long! Ever since Miss Budget Beauty first mentioned it I've gone into every Superdrug I know every time I was in town but it was always out of stock everywhere so I was really happy when I was finally able to get my hands on it on Thursday. Was it worth the wait? Most definitely. The colour is a really good match for me and the pencil is really easy and quick to use, but still gives you a very precise application. The formula is quite waxy, which I personally like, and it stays on really well- I wore it on a night out yesterday and still had perfect brows when I came home at 3am. I wasn't really bothered about the highlighter on the other end because I never tend to highlight my brow bone anyway (I'm really really lazy) but I've used it a few times now and actually quite like it, it's really subtle and creamy and not too shimmery so I might just start highlighting my brow bone more often! However I would prefer it if they replaced the highlighter with a spooly because I'm already getting annoyed about having to use a separate one.

Yankee Candle in True Rose, £9.95
As I mentioned in my Empties post, I really love this scent and since I've run out of the sampler I chose to go for a bigger size. I got the small tumbler because they're much cheaper than the jars, but I really want to get one of the massive jars of this at some point because I just love the scent and you can burn it all year round. As the name suggests, it makes your room smell like roses. If you want to read my ode to this candle check out my empties post, I go into much more detail about the extent of my rose love there, but long story short- this candle has become a staple item for me.

So that is all I bought (sort of, I did some online shopping *slaps hand* but there will be a post on that soon when it arrives), I hope you enjoyed this post!

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