I'm doing a juice cleanse... What?

I don't know what it is about the start of a new year, but everyone always has all these resolutions and we want to change things and become a better person, etc etc...Well I'm no exception. If you read yesterday's post you will have seen that my main resolution is to be healthier, with the help of my beautiful new juicer that I got for Christmas.
While recovering from my New Year's Eve antics yesterday I was looking at juicing recipes and I kept coming across juice cleanses so I thought you know what, why not do a juice cleanse? I've done detox weeks before but never got to the end of them (I think my personal record was five days) because I was always at home and eating with my family and it's really hard to eat just vegetables while the people around you are eating their pasta and munching on crisps. But this time I'm at uni, not many people are in my house and I'm locking myself in my room for revision (or procrastination) purposes anyway so I thought why not give it a shot and start 2014 with a nice detox. I know that only drinking juice doesn't sound particularly healthy but it's perfectly safe if you only do it for a few days- I'm going to do three.
My main goals with this are to get rid of toxins, and to sort of reset my taste buds so I don't crave bad foods as much- so basically I'm trying to kickstart some healthy eating habits. I'm most definitely not doing this to lose weight, since it's not really a healthy way of doing it and you still get tons of calories in juices anyway.
There's lots of fancy juice cleanse things you can buy but they're veeeery expensive so I've just went and bought tons and tons of fruit and vegetables and I'm going to be making my own juices. Since I'm at home all day that shouldn't be a problem, but I know it's much harder if you're working or studying or something... I'm just studying at home so it's easy for me to go downstairs and make a juice every two hours (and it will also give me a welcome break from revision). Another important point, I will try to make my juices as vegetable based as possible to avoid ingesting too much sugar and to get the largest amount of nutrients possible. For the next three days I'm going to write some sort of diary here on my blog so you can read how it's going and what juices I'm drinking, etc. 
So today I went food shopping and you can see what I got in the picture above- two cucumbers, 12 tomatoes, a bag of kale and a bag of spinach, some organic carrots, five apples and some celery sticks. I have no idea how long all of this will last me (probably two days max) but it cost me less than £10!! Considering that most delivered juice cleanses that aren't as fresh cost at least £30 a day, this is really good and I can experiment with different combinations... I also have some oranges and lemons that I bought the other day so I can mix those in as well. We'll see how it goes and I will keep you updated!

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