Juice Cleanse Day 1 Update

Phew, I've made it through the first day! Today I've had two apples, an orange, three tomatoes, four carrots, two celery stalks, a cucumber and lots of spinach and kale- all in juice form! I absolutely loved my breakfast juice, which was orange and apple, because it was really refreshing and woke me up- I didn't even miss my morning coffee that I'm normally so grumpy without! Throughout the day I didn't have any bad effects like headaches (thank god) but I did feel really sleepy, although that is a common occurrence for me.
The one thing that really got me was the simple desire to eat. I wasn't even hungry, I just wanted to munch on something! Definitely shows me how much mindless eating I do on a day to day basis... Thankfully I have absolutely no food in the house so there's not much temptation around me, apart from my mum's Christmas biscuits which I remembered were on my desk in the evening... I've been trying very hard not to look in their direction! Just now my housemate asked if I had the menu for the Chinese takeaway around the corner and I nearly caved and asked him to order me some egg friend rice... but no! Focus Allie, focus!
All in all I got through the first day pretty well which I think is mainly due to the fact that I'm locked up in my room with facebook being the only thing connecting me to the outside world. Not many temptations there... apart from my Instagram feed which is mainly filled with yummy looking healthy recipes... oh my.
Something I noticed though was just how many vegetables it takes to make juice! An apple and an orange make a good glass of juice but handfuls of kale and spinach? Nope. Keep going. This might end up being more expensive than I thought and I will be going shopping for more veggies tomorrow...

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