My three favourite statement necklaces

I've never been one for big statement necklaces, I normally have one necklace that I wear every day but unfortunately I lost it at the beginning of summer so I've been in the market for a new necklace and I've picked quite a few pieces up along the way, including some big statement ones. I used to be completely unfazed by them but now that I own a few, I completely understand what the hype is about- they really do transform a simple outfit!
If you just throw on some jeans and a tshirt and put on a statement necklace you suddenly seem like you've made tons of effort- perfect for those 9am starts when you just can't get out of bed... So today I thought I'd share with you my three favourite statement necklaces:

The Bohemian Collective Eagle Necklace (similar here)
I got this one on sale when I was buying some above knuckle rings (Bohemian Collective is amazing for those) because as a biker, I have a bit of an obsession with eagles. The chain was super short unfortunately so it was more of a choker but that was easily fixed with a cheap gold chain and some DIYing and now this is definitely one of my favourite necklaces. I don't wear much gold jewellery but when I do this is my go-to piece because I think it's quite unique and definitely very edgy. Only downside is that it does rattle quite a bit which can be very annoying!

Urban Outfitters Silver Necklace (similar here)
This necklace and I have quite a long history. At the beginning of my gap year, an Urban Outfitters opened in Frankfurt and the first time I went in I spotted this necklace and fell in love- unfortunately it was really expensive (I believe it was around 24 Euros) and I just couldn't justify buying it. From that day, every time I went into Urban Outfitters I checked the price to see if it was on sale but after about six months I concluded that it was probably part of a permanent line that never goes on sale... A few weeks later I came in again and checked the necklace out of habit and it was about half price! So now I'm the proud owner of this beautiful necklace- I love how intricate it is and my favourite thing about it is the colour of the silver because I really dislike that cheap looking bright silver you often get with high street jewellery- not with this one! The only downside to it is that it tends to get twisted very easily when you wear it. It's also quite hard to wear over things because it gets stuck and then it gets twisted and it's all a bit of a nightmare! But if you just want to dress up a simple vest top then this is the perfect necklace.

H&M Spiked Necklace
Last but definitely not least is the newest addition to my statement necklace collection- this spikey little number from H&M. I picked it up a few weeks ago and can't find it online but it's probably worth checking at your local H&M as they might still have it hiding somewhere! It was really cheap (10 Euros if I recall correctly) and it's so easy to wear! I've just been throwing it on with everything from jumpers to dresses and it instantly makes every outfit look more fashionable. Again I love the sort of blackened silver and of course the spikes... You know I love me some spikes. I've been wearing it a lot over the last few weeks and it hasn't gone bronze or stained my skin turquoise yet (something I hate cheap jewellery for) so that's definitely a plus as well. This one is probably my favourite out of the three for every day wear because it makes you look like you put in an effort but not like you tried too hard.

I'm going to leave you with a picture of this amazing Forever21 rose necklace that is definitely at the top of my wish list right now. Good thing I'm going to London next week...

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