New Year's Resolutions

Happy New Year!
I hope you all had a great start to the new year- I personally had a great night with my friends and spent all of today recovering in bed in my onesie... They should just call it Onesie Day instead of New Year's Day in my opinion. Anyway, now that we've started a new year and whatnot, I thought I'd share some of my new year's resolutions with you! Let's see how long they last this time...

Be healthier
I've always struggled with my health and my weight and as a student especially it's hard to live healthily because of money (and motivation) issues. "Be healthier" is quite vague so the main things I want to do is spend more time cooking nice meals instead of just putting some canned soup in the microwave, use my amazing new juicer (thanks mum and dad!) to make awesome vegetable juices and get my five a day every day and most importantly drink more water- something I always tend to neglect even though it's so important.

Be positive
I've realised throughout the last few months that I have a tendency to complain a lot about the things I don't have and forget to be thankful about all the amazing things I do have. So for this year, I want to have a more positive outlook on things because I think it will not only make me happier but also make me more pleasant to be around...

Take more risks
This one is mainly pole related, as I have a tendency to just stick with what I'm comfortable with- I don't like taking of my hands and letting go even though I know that I'm perfectly secure. That applies to pole and is also quite a good metaphor for the rest of my life.

Be organised
Everyone who knows me knows that I am probably the most messy and unorganised person you will ever meet. It used to not bother me at all but I've not reached a point where I hate my room being messy and I have being unorganised so this year instead of just complaining about it I want to do something about it! *orders a new Moleskine notebook*

Spend less money on things I don't need
If you read this blog you're most likely obsessed with beauty and fashion and pretty things so you probably have the same problem as me- I spend far too much money on things I don't actually need. So in 2014 I want to make fewer impulse purchases, think about whether I really need something before I buy it and just generally try to save more money. No Allie, you do not need that Starbucks coffee! And while you're at it, you don't need that panini either.

So those were my New Year's resolutions- what are yours?

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