The Favourites- Alexander Wang Rocco Duffel Dupe

This is the first post in a new series called "The Favourites" that I want to start. You hear the word favourite quite a lot in the blogosphere and we always have all these products who are in our favourites posts at the end of the month and then sort of disappear from the radar again... 'The Favourites' is going to be strictly about things that I love so much that I've had them for months and months, used pretty much every day and probably even repurchased at some point. There won't be too many of these posts because true favourites don't come along that often but you'll know that when it says 'The Favourites' on it, it's a good one! So today I'm sharing with you my every day bag!
A handbag is such a great (and important) accessory for women and as much as men make fun of us for carrying huge bags around, I need all that space and they will happily use it too when they have something that doesn't fit into their ridiculously large pockets! Since I saw Claire Marshall's Alexander Wang Rocco Duffel I have been absolutely in love with it- I love most of the things Claire wears and the bag is just the perfect mix between being simple and practical whilst also being a fashion statement. Unfortunately at around £600 it's not quite within budget for me at the moment so I've had to compromise and get a similar one from ebay. No, this is not a fake bag- if it was fake it would say Alexander Wang on it which it does not. If you have an issue with this kind of thing watch Evelina's video on Fake vs Inspired Fashion. I would never wear a fake designer bag but I just can't afford to get a 'real' Rocco Duffel at this point (rant over).
Basically I got this bag around May last year, I think it cost around £17 and with shipping it came to £22 or something similar- all in all a great deal for a bag! It looks really good, the gold of the studs and the zipper wasn't that terrible cheap looking shiny gold that you often get with budget buys and all in all I was really happy with it! It's a great size as well, I can just about fit my laptop (it's a 13inch) in it so it's practical but not bulky at all. It did take a bit of wearing it in to get that really slouchy look because obviously it's not expensive leather but I don't mind that at all.
Now for the sad part- my bag broke around mid December. The strap ripped on one side and it was a very sad moment but I'm probably to blame for it since I put way too much stuff in there most of the time and the straps are no way meant to carry that much weight. But since I really love the bag and it has become a wardrobe staple for me (to the extent that one of my friends recognised me by my bag once when she was walking behind me) so I decided to repurchase it- now if that doesn't show that I love this bag then I don't know what does! Unfortunately it was sold out from the last seller I got it from so I had to get it from a different one. It worked out to be the same price because this one was more expensive but had free shipping and it was delivered really fast and is the exact same model as the other one- only difference is that unfortunately this one has very shiny gold details but I'm hoping that they will sort of fade to a nicer colour with continued use.
Well that was a rambly post wasn't it? I just wanted to share the love for this bag, it really is great and versatile! If you have the cash, by all means please buy the original and I will be jealous forever but if you don't, just type bottom studded bag into ebay and take your pick! Unfortunately the one I got is now sold out but there's tons of options there and they're all pretty much exactly the same.

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