The Spending Ban- Take 2

After having a mini heart attack when checking my bank balance this morning, I decided that it's time for another spending ban! You can read about my last one here. The main reason I'm doing it this time is because there's a few things I need to save up for: my trip to London with Emma for her birthday, my water bill (dreading that one very much!) and the tattoo that I want to get for my 20th birthday- that's a lot of money I need to save and it won't happen at the rate I'm going at now!
So here are the things I will not be allowed to buy until my trip to London:
  • Clothes- my wardrobe is overflowing already
  • Make-Up- same story here, I'm an addict
  • Skincare and haircare- stocked up on everything, don't need that new facemask!
  • Meals out- *sniff*
  • Chocolate and ready meals- I'm trying to stop eating chocolate again and it's so much cheaper and healthier to cook from scratch than to buy something ready made
  • Drinks- now this one isn't as strict because I know that after exams are over I will want to go to the pub with friends and there's quite a few birthdays coming up but I'm giving myself a £10 budget for going to the pub/going out every week so I don't go crazy
So those are the things that I won't be spending money on for a while! It shouldn't be too hard because I really do have enough of all these things and it'll feel good to not have to worry about whether or not I'll have enough money left to eat by the end of the month... Although I think the ones that are going to be hard are not having meals out (including Starbucks...) and drinking because I do socialise a lot by going to the pub. However, not spending as much on these things will be good for my health too so it's two birds with one stone really!
I hope you enjoyed this post and it was somewhat helpful- are you planning a spending ban after the Christmas period?

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