NYX Mega Shine Lip Glosses

I've had these NYX lipglosses lying around for a long time but since I'm not a massive fan of lipglosses, I hadn't really used them until recently, when I suddenly started liking lipgloss! I really like the simple packaging of these, since they're squared off they don't roll around on the table and they have an adorable little bow on the top. I've heard a lot about people loving the smell but I personally think it's quite sickly and chemically sweet- but to each their own.
Formula wise I really like these, they're sticky enough to stay on your lips for a long time but they don't make you feel like anything you touch is going to end up sticking to your lips. The pigmentation is great, it's quite sheer to begin with, which I like in a lipgloss because I use it to enhance my lips, not cover them, but it's definitely buildable. So here's the three shades I own:

 I have no idea why this shade is called beige- it's definitely not beige. This is my favourite, as it's the perfect nude "your lips but better" shade for me.

Tea Rose
 I accidentally bought this one when I meant to buy 'Beige'- I need to learn how to read. However I've come to really like it, it's a very soft pinky nude- nothing too over the top. I also have the 'Tea Rose' cream blush so I can match my lips to my cheeks!

French Kiss
I got this shade from my sister- it's not something I would normally pick out. It's another pink but with a gold iridescence to it. It looks quite scary at first but I actually really like it on the lips. I'd probably wear this with simple eye make-up to make the look more interesting.

I hope you enjoyed this post! Have you ever tried any NYX lip glosses? 

Look Inside Yourself, Not Your Handbag

Today's post is in collaboration with Hayley Miller, a handbag designer who is currently working on a documentary about handbags! Lots of awesome bloggers have written a post like this so check them out by searching for #LookOutsideTheBag!

Birthday Wishlist

I'm currently locked up in my room due to some major deadlines coming up so no makeup is going anywhere near my face. Instead, I thought that I'd do another wish list post because my Amazon wishlist (which is the best feature ever by the way) has become quite long and with my birthday not being toooo far away, I figured it would be nice to share my wishes with you. Obviously these are all rather optimistic budget wise, but a girl can dream.

Blogger Brunch at Bill's

 This morning I went for brunch with some other Brighton bloggers at Bill's. I love Bill's because it has such a lovely atmosphere and the food is really good and affordable. Unfortunately I'm super broke so I only had a coffee but it was really nice, and cheaper than Starbucks... which says a lot about Starbucks prices.

Outfit of the night #1

Last night I was at a 'Black and White' themed party and I really liked my outfit so I wanted to share it with you guys! Please excuse the funny colour of the pictures, we have a red light for some reason and it's really hard to take outfit pictures by yourself! I need to acquire a lovely friend who will take them for me...

Ours is the fury

Today's look is for House Baratheon. The three Baratheon brothers are all extremely different but I chose to go for my favourite- Stannis. So here's the look I came up with:

Winter is coming

Today I wanted to do something a little different- I am obsessed with Game of Thrones, I've read all the books and watched every episode of it, and I wanted to create some inspired makeup looks. These aren't going to be recreations of looks from the series, nor are they going to be super crazy and colourful.

The Reds

MAC Cherry Lipliner, Astor Lip Stain, Essence Matte Lip Cream, Rimmel Apocalips

What better way to celebrate Valentines Day than with a red lip? I've got you covered...

February Birchbox

I always get extremely excited when I receive my monthly email from Birchbox saying that my box has been dispatched! Their delivery is extremely quick (it normally arrives the next day) and I just love the surprise of opening the box and seeing what I received this month.

The Anti-Valentines Day Giftguide

As a constant single pringle, I am not the greatest fan of Valentines Day. This dislike for the most romantic day of the year reached it's peak last year when I had my first "I hate Valentines Day" party, complete with a heart shaped piƱata, just like in the movie 'Valentines Day'. It made me realise that there's much better things you can do than mope around for a day and hide inside to avoid all the couples!

The Handbag Wishlist

I am one of those people who always carry a massive bag with them which is filled with unnecessary stuff, so I've been trying to find a slightly smaller bag that I can use for going out for dinner with friends or going shopping, which would make me downsize a little bit and give my poor shoulder a bit of a break. In the process of looking for said bag, I have compiled quite an extensive handbag wishlist, so I thought I'd share it with you and maybe you'll get inspired too. I've split it into two categories; budget (read: Zara) and luxury.

Haircare Routine Part 2- Protect and Style

Today's post is part 2 of my haircare routine- check out part 1 here if you haven't seen it already!

Haircare Routine Part 1- In the shower

I've finally found a haircare routine that I really like to today I thought I'd share it with you- this is part 1, where I show you everything I use in the shower. Part 2 will be up in two days and it'll be about the products I use after I get out of the shower and styling products I use.

The 8 Hour Test- Mac Studio Sculpt Foundation

 Today's post is an eight hour review of a foundation I recently tried- MAC Studio Sculpt. I put it on in the morning and wore it for eight hours so I could show you how it wears, and I'm quite impressed! I have quite oily skin so it's really hard for me to find a really long wearing foundation that doesn't requite constant touch ups but this one actually did quite well.

January Favourites

It's that time of the month again- January Favourites!
I had exams at the beginning of January so I didn't wear much makeup, therefore most of these became favourites during the second half of the month and some are new purchases.