Haircare Routine Part 1- In the shower

I've finally found a haircare routine that I really like to today I thought I'd share it with you- this is part 1, where I show you everything I use in the shower. Part 2 will be up in two days and it'll be about the products I use after I get out of the shower and styling products I use.

I wash my hair about twice a week and I use two shampoos- Head&Shoulders Itchy Scalp and L'Oréal EverRiche. Dandruff and all the annoying things associated with it isn't talked about much because people are embarrassed so I feel like I have to address it. It's not like it's anyone's fault- bad things happen to good people! Unfortunately it's incredibly annoying because it looks horrible and it's itchy and people often associate it with bad hygiene for some strange reason. In my case I can't do much about it but I do feel that this Head&Shoulders shampoo keeps the itchiness at bay for a few days which makes my life a lot easier. Unfortunately these kinds of shampoos tend to strip colour from your hair so if you have coloured hair I advise against them! If you have any suggestions for shampoos like this please let me know in the comments, I'm always open to suggestions.
It may seem like overkill to use two shampoos but I find that the Head&Shoulders strips my hair and makes it quite dry so I like to follow up with the L'Oréal EverRiche shampoo. Everyone has been talking about this so I won't go into too much detail but it's basically a sulfate free shampoo which makes your hair feel incredibly soft without weighing it down- definitely one of my favourites. I've tried the whole range and I definitely recommend all of it.
After I shampoo I normally use my Trevor Sorbie Straight conditioner, which obviously doesn't make my wavy/curly hair completely straight but it does make it much more manageable and a little straighter so I don't have to use as much heat on it.
Every once in a while I like to use a hair mask and the one from the EverRiche range has definitely won my heart. It makes my hair feel incredibly soft and nourished, not like it's just covered in a film that makes it feel nice, but like it's actually healthy. Using this has made quite a difference in my hair and I definitely recommend it for anyone who struggles with dry hair that breaks easily.

Stay tuned for part 2 of the haircare series on Friday! Hint: it features a dupe for the much coveted Oribe Dry Texturising Spray!

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