Look Inside Yourself, Not Your Handbag

Today's post is in collaboration with Hayley Miller, a handbag designer who is currently working on a documentary about handbags! Lots of awesome bloggers have written a post like this so check them out by searching for #LookOutsideTheBag!

I got this bag quite recently, it's the Office City Mini bag from ZARA and oh my, I'm in love with it. I'm notorious for carrying too much stuff around with me (the last lipstick count in my handbag was 10!) so I decided to get a smaller bag to force me to downsize a bit and give my poor shoulder a little break.
I love this bag because it's simple and classic and makes me feel more grown up. I like my edgy style but I feel like this is something I could wear for more serious occasions like a job interview, and it gives my outfit that bit more class while still looking young.
The main reason I always carry a bag with me (apart from holding unnecessary amounts of lip products) is because I like having something to hold on to- it just gives me security. It may seem strange but when you're feeling anxious in a situation, something as simple as having something to hold on to can make such a difference. It's also great when you're nervous and you don't know what to do with your hands! Am I the only one who feels like this?
I feel like handbags can definitely change not only your outfit but the way you hold yourself. When I wear a smaller bag that I wear in the crook of my arm I immediately feel more grown up and serious, whereas a slouchy shoulder bag makes me feel more comfortable. When I walk into a fancy store I often change the strap on my bag, so instead of wearing it on my shoulder like I normally do, I will put it on my arm, simply because it makes me feel more serious and makes me behave in a different way.
When writing this post, I realised that I actually own a surprisingly small amount of handbags. I do have quite a few at home that I have collected throughout the years but here in England I only have a very small selection, because I am very loyal to bags. I have two small 'going out' bags, the ZARA one as my medium sized bag, a big slouchy bag for uni and a tote- that's it. While I love bags, they're very much a practical item for me, rather than a fashion statement- I will always choose a classic design and practicality over a crazy trend.

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