The Anti-Valentines Day Giftguide

As a constant single pringle, I am not the greatest fan of Valentines Day. This dislike for the most romantic day of the year reached it's peak last year when I had my first "I hate Valentines Day" party, complete with a heart shaped piƱata, just like in the movie 'Valentines Day'. It made me realise that there's much better things you can do than mope around for a day and hide inside to avoid all the couples!
So from now on this party will be my new tradition, celebrating with friends and wine and ranting about men all night. And since the blogosphere is currently swamped with Valentines Day gift guides, I thought that I'd do my own one- for single girls. So here's what I'm treating myself to on this depressing lovely day.

A rose scented candle
Let's face it, how many boyfriends nowadays actually still buy their girlfriends flowers? Not many I think. So treat yourself to a rose scented candle that makes your room smell like someone just delivered hundreds of roses to your house. A girl can dream...

Pretty jewellery
Been wanting a new necklace for a while? Have you been lusting after those pretty earrings? This is the time to treat yourself- why rely on a man to buy you jewellery? At least when you buy it you know you're gonna like it and you don't have to pretend that you like the ghastly design he picked out... My favourite is my new quote necklace from Etsy which says "I'm on a roller coaster that only goes up my friend" (comment if you recognise the quote!). It's all about the positivity!

A new outfit that makes you feel amazing
Just because you don't have a date on Valentines Day doesn't mean you can't still dress up with your friends! The right dress can give you so much confidence, and confidence is definitely one of the most attractive personality traits! I chose this dress from Urban Outfitters because it has a nice floral pattern (okay there's a bit of a Valentine's Day theme going on here) but it's extremely flattering and can hide all sorts of sins, especially chocolate binges.

A bottle of vino
If you're over 18 (or whatever the legal drinking age is in your country), why not get yourself a bottle of rose and chill with your girls for the night... I know that's what I'll be doing! Wine, snacks and friends beat dinner in a fancy restaurant any day in my opinion. Unfortunately I didn't have a bottle for the picture because I sort of drank it... Don't forget to drink responsibly.

I hope you enjoyed this post and it gave you single girls some ideas for Valentines Day! Let me know what your plans are in the comments.

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