The Handbag Wishlist

I am one of those people who always carry a massive bag with them which is filled with unnecessary stuff, so I've been trying to find a slightly smaller bag that I can use for going out for dinner with friends or going shopping, which would make me downsize a little bit and give my poor shoulder a bit of a break. In the process of looking for said bag, I have compiled quite an extensive handbag wishlist, so I thought I'd share it with you and maybe you'll get inspired too. I've split it into two categories; budget (read: Zara) and luxury.

Budget bags:
Mini Office City Bag (£30), Mini Shopper with Rings (£40), Crocodile Pattern Leather City Bag with Chains(£110), Mini City Bag (£40), Studded Messenger Bag (£60)
Can you see a trend here? I tend to go for black leather bags because they just go with everything and let's face it, I'm not one for wearing a lot of colour. The Zara City Bag is a blogger favourite and I'm pretty sure both Anna and Lily use it so it must be good, so when I saw that there's a mini version I got very excited! I really like Zara bags because they're great quality but for a reasonable price and as you can see they have lots of pretty designs at the moment! I think my favourites from this line-up are the Mini Office City and the Studded Messenger Bag so I will have to go into town and have a look soon, and maybe make a cheeky purchase...

Luxury Bags

These bags are definitely a far away dream for me. The Hudson Moto was the bag that started my obsession with smaller bags and I knew that it had to be mine the moment I saw it on Essiebutton's Instagram. Unfortunately the price tag isn't particularly student friendly, but a girl can dream. The Whistles clutch is another Anna and Lily enabled dream, although I'm not sure just how much use I would get out of it since it is quite small and I'm not sure it would fit all my stuff into it. But when I'm all grown up and go to fancy events this will definitely be in my wardrobe! Last but not least, the Marc by Marc Jacobs Hobo bag. I'm not sure about the name but just look at that bag! I'm a fan of unstructured handbags because I like to just throw everything in and I also love the option of having the two straps, because I would normally wear it as a shoulder bag but sometimes I like to pick it up by the shorter handles too. I have a feeling that my first paycheck (in a few years when I've finished uni and actually have a job) will be spent on this beauty. Until then, Zara here I come!

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