The Reds

MAC Cherry Lipliner, Astor Lip Stain, Essence Matte Lip Cream, Rimmel Apocalips

What better way to celebrate Valentines Day than with a red lip? I've got you covered...

Astor Lip Stain
I'm not entirely sure what happened to this picture- please excuse the quality. This is my most subtle red, it's a stain with a balm so it's not completely opaque and more of a wash of colour- great to ease yourself into wearing a full on red lip! Unfortunately the formula isn't all that, it really highlights and sticks to dry patches on your lips and doesn't have the greatest staying power, especially for a stain. I only chose to include it because it is more of a sheer red.

MAC Lip Liner in Cherry
99% of the time when I'm wearing a red lip, this will be it. I love the matte effect that wearing just a lip liner gives but this MAC one doesn't dry out my lips too much. It has amazing staying power so I can wear it all day even if I'm eating and drinking and it won't fade too much.

Essence Matte Lip Cream

This Essence Matte Lip Cream is really opaque and is in my opinion a matte version of the Rimmel Apocalips. It's an extremely vibrant red and it does stain your lips so it lasts very well, but you need to be careful when you apply it otherwise you will end up with a red face...

Rimmel Apocalips in Big Bang

I don't think I need to say too much about the Rimmel Apocalips- they're a liquid lipstick with a slight stain and amazing staying power. Big Bang is a very bright, slightly orange toned red which I love, however the same staining issue applies- you need to be careful when you apply this or things can get rather messy.

What is your favourite product for the perfect red lip?

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