Getting fit for summer

It's almost spring which means that soon we will be getting out the cute dresses and shorts and before we know it we'll be in bikinis... I write this as I'm looking at my massive food baby and I realised that things need to change. I have this really annoying habit of losing weight over the summer so I start off feeling really uncomfortable and then by the end of summer when I have to start wrapping myself up in cardigans and jumpers again I'm at my skinniest and then I gain weight again and the whole process starts over. NOT COOL. So I thought that maybe through writing a blog I can keep myself accountable and possibly start the summer with the figure I want- a girl can dream right? So here's a few things I want to do to achieve this mission.

Drink water
We all know that we should be drinking lots of water but let's face it, most people sort of forget about it. I'm really good when I'm just at home all day but as soon as I'm out I completely forget about drinking so I hereby challenge myself to drink aaallll the water.

Make my own meals
I'm terrible at cooking in the way that I can cook, but I'm just far too lazy to do it. I'll buy a bagel at uni instead of cooking lunch beforehand and it's affecting both my figure and my bank account.

Drink less alcohol
I'm terrible at this, I just love going for drinks with friends but I seriously need to stop because alcohol has so many calories, and obviously it's not very good for your health either! I'm not saying I'm going to stop drinking, but I will try to reduce the amount I drink. "I intend to reduce my alcohol consumption by 2 units within the next seven days" (Psychologists will understand).

Eat my 5-a-day
I'm definitely guilty of not eating enough fruit and vegetables and just eating pasta all the time, even though it's so easy to just add some vegetables to your meals. I also need to get back into the habit of eating more protein and things. Fewer bagels, more broccoli!

Less sugar
I've recently been going a bit crazy on the chocolate due to deadlines, but it's the little things like putting three sugars into my coffee every morning that can really make a difference so I will try to cut down on those.

You might have noticed that none of these things are to do with exercise, which is mainly due to the fact that I spend about five hours a week doing pole so that's about all the exercise I do, as I've gotten really bored of cardio and I find that pole is the perfect combination of dance as cardio and strength training, so I won't be adding any extra exercise quite yet. Improvements in my figure tend to be mainly down to nutrition, as I'm actually extremely strong and toned due to pole, I'm just covered in a slight layer of fat. But hopefully that will vanish in the next couple of months!

To end this post I thought I'd share some progress pictures from last summer with you- these were taken approximately two months apart and they always motivate me! I also challenge YOU to join me and get fit for summer! What are the things you want to change about your diet/exercise regime?

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