Sunday Coffee and Outfit of the day

Spring has finally arrived so today my friend Eleanor and I decided to get out of the house and meet in town for coffee. Eleanor is one of those super busy and organised people, she's an active member of both fencing and PoleSoc, has a job, puts lots of work into her degree AND has a boyfriend- that girl is a machine. Unfortunately this means I don't get to see her much but we've been going for coffee about once a week recently, which has been lovely. It's nice to just get out of the house with all this coursework madness, even if it's just to have a coffee.

As always, Eleanor and I went to Starbucks- we are definitely Starbucks addicts. She had some iced soy latte concoction (I'm not entirely sure what it was), whereas I just had my usual Vanilla Latte. I'm not very experimental with coffee, I have my winter and my summer option and it isn't quite warm enough for the Coffee Frappucchino yet!
After we left (about two hours later... oops), Eleanor kindly took some outfit pictures for me. We found this awesome graffiti wall which was a really cool background. I really want to do more outfit posts but it's really hard to do them without someone to take the pictures for you!

 I wore a really simple, casual outfit today, so it's nothing too exciting. I really like the casual biker look so I just wore a red Triumph tee my mum got me for my birthday (she rides a Triumph motorbike and yes, she is the coolest mum ever) with my Topshop leather jacket and some old Urban Outfitters boots. My black skinny jeans are my newest obsession, they're from Primark and I got them after Jess did a post about them. They fit so well and don't stretch in weird places even though I've been wearing them lots- and all that for £11! My bag is a Rocco Duffel dupe from ebay (type in 'Bottom studded bag' and you will find loads of these- love them!) and I'm wearing 'They said Red' by Sally Hansen on my nails.

I hope you enjoyed this slightly more random post and I shall leave you with a candid picture of some last minute posing when I saw the flash go off... I should be a model really.

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