The Favourites- Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado

If you read my last favourites post, you will know that when something makes it into the 'The Favourites' category it really means that I love it. This isn't just some monthly favourite, this is THE favourite. The Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado (in true psychologist fashion I shall from now on refer to it as the CETwA because that's a very long name) was the first product I ever bought from Kiehl's and I've almost finished it after about a year of using it every single day, day and night. When I first realised that I was nearing the end of this product there was no doubt in my mind that I would repurchase it because I just love it so much!
The CETwA (I'm feeling all scientific now) is a lovely no-nonsense eye cream that doesn't have any big claims it can't fulfil- it's just an eye cream. I'm only 19 years old so I don't need any crazy anti aging products yet, I just want something that keeps my eye area moisturised and this cream does exactly that. In the morning I take a little bit of it and rub it between my hands which makes it a slightly thinner consistency, and then I put it under my eyes. It absorbs really quickly so I can then apply my makeup over it. In the evening I sometimes like to use it when it's slightly thicker and apply a bit more of it so it can sink in and moisturise overnight.
It's not the cheapest eye cream but the pot is quite large and has lasted me a year so it's definitely worth the money. I love all the Kiehl's products I've tried so far and while they are a little bit more on the expensive side, they are definitely worth it!
I believe the 14ml (which is the size I have) is £20 but I can't seem to find it online so here's the link to the bigger 28ml pot, which is better value at £33 for twice the amount of product but seeing as the smaller one lasted me a year and is more convenient for travelling I will probably stick with that one. You can purchase Kiehl's products at Space NK or at your local Kiehl's store. I highly recommend going to a Kiehl's store if there's one near you because they really know what they're talking about and can help you find the perfect product for you (and they're often extremely generous with their samples too!)

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