What's in my carry-on bag

I went home for my mum's birthday party this weekend so I decided to share with you what's in my carry-on bag when I fly! There will also be a video with everything that I packed in my suitcase (with liquids regulations and everything) which will hopefully go up some time next week! Also I just realised that firstly, a black background for this picture probably wasn't the best idea, and secondly, all my stuff is black... No spring pastels here!

This is my awesome travel wallet where I can put all my tickets, my passport, etc. and have it all in one place and easily accessible- it really makes life a lot easier! The cards you can see here are my German bank card, my French Sephora card (because I didn't know where else to put it), my Jetfriends card, which is like the children's version of Miles and More but for some reason I never got upgraded to Miles&More so I've still got this, and finally my Coach Card, which gets me 30% off National Express buses. 

Next is my wallet, which is by Guess- I got this in an outlet for £30 and I love it because it's really well made and has about a million and one card slots, which is what I need because I have every loyalty card there is.

Obviously I have to take my diary because it's where I write down EVERYTHING important and also many not so important things- I love the 18 month one by Moleskine that has one week per double page with the weekdays on the left and space for notes on the right- this is the Star Wars edition because Star Wars.

Last but not least we have my headphones (very important), which are just the ones that came with my iPhone, which by the way I'm obviously taking- I just forgot to photograph it. I'm also taking my sunglasses, which are by Urban Outfitters, in an old case that came with my glasses. I like hard cases because I'm quite careless with my bag and I don't want my sunglasses to break. Funny story about these sunglasses- I bought them about a year ago and loved them so much that I didn't wear any other sunglasses, but then I stepped on them and broke them so I got TWO new pairs because I was scared I'd break them again and would be without them forever- #AllieProblems.
Another item that I forgot to take a close-up of is my Anker, which is a portable phone charger- you charge it at home and then you can use it to charge your phone on the go, which is an absolute must for me because I use up my battery within a few hours and I've been stranded at the airport with a dead phone before. I'm also obviously taking my house keys but they're not very exciting- my key rings are from Paris and M&M World.

What are your travel essentials?

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