What's on my nails #5

Due to a few technical issues (read: I accidentally deleted today's post *bashes head against wall repeatedly*), today is going to be a short and slightly improvised post since I have a deadline at 4pm and sort of haven't finished the assignment yet... Oops. Anyway, since I didn't have time to write an elaborate post I thought I'd just share my manicure with you guys, because who doesn't want to know what other people wear on their nails?
I decided to take the time to do an at home gel manicure on the weekend, which takes about half an hour and then it's dry immediately so it isn't actually that much of a time effort but I'm really really lazy normally. I chose to go for the colour "Taupe" which was one of the two colours in my Sensationail starter kit (which I highly recommend by the way!). I'd describe it more as a nude with taupe undertones maybe but then again I'm just generally confused about the definition of the colour 'taupe'. I decided to add some sparkle to my accent nails, mainly because I wanted to see how long they last with a gel manicure!
I have a very manicure unfriendly lifestyle so normally my nails chip after a few hours, but these gel manicures actually stay on for about a week and I don't have to worry about them at all which I love! I've had this on for three days now and the rhinestones have stayed on perfectly and I don't think they're coming off any time soon! Unfortunately the polish on my left pinkie has come off but that's most likely due to me not applying it properly, which is a bit of a problem with at home gel manicures- if you get it a little bit wrong, it'll come off.
I recently saw Chloe Morello use some one coat gel polishes in her videos and it turns out they're actually in Boots! They're called the Fuse Gelnamels and retail for £15... has anyone heard of these/tried them? I'm really interested in the idea of a one coat gel manicure!

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