Powder Contemplations

Being a girl with very oily skin means that powders are very, very important to me. They don't just set my makeup, they make sure that people can't see their reflection on my shiny forehead an hour into the day. My sister has recently given me some powders she didn't want anymore so I thought I'd talk about them a little, as well as about an old favourite of mine.

Catrice Powder

I really like the sleek packaging of this powder, and while it doesn't have amazing oil control, I do also like the product. I like to use this on days when I'm not wearing foundation and buff it into the skin with my Real Techniques Buffing Brush, which gives me a tiny little bit of coverage and ever so slightly evens out my skintone.

This is actually a tad dark for me as a powder but I love it as a bronzer to use on the high points of my face, or even all over, for a subtle bronzed look. It's only a tiny little bit too dark for me so I don't have to worry about being too heavy handed with it and lets face it, it looks absolutely gorgeous in the pan.

Soap and Glory One Heck Of A Blot

This is an oldie but a goodie- I've been using this powder for absolutely ages now and even though I stop occasionally to try out others, I always come back to this one. It's extremely finely milled, translucent and sets my makeup without looking cakey. I wouldn't say it keeps me matte all day but I don't have to powder for an hour or two when I use this, which for me is pretty good! It also doesn't cake up when you layer it on during the day so this is definitely a favourite of mine!

What is your favourite powder? I'm thinking about investing in the MAC Blotting Powder... Any advice?

A Soap and Glory Haul

3 for 2 on Soap and Glory gets me every time... I went to Boots to pick up a new scrub because I've run out of my 'Scrub Actually' and there was that big sign offering me a free product... Right next to the new Orangeasm releases, which I just HAD to try out. That would be why I'm poor... So here's what I picked up:

The Wishlist- A Biker Jacket

I know what you're thinking- come on Allie, you literally have a million leather jackets, do you really need another one? To which I will say yes, yes I do. But bear with me on this one. I am aware that I have a serious leather jacket problem but this one is different, I swear. I don't know if I've ever mentioned it before on the blog but I own a motorbike (she's called Jamie) and after almost two years of being an absolute useless person I have finally gotten around to registering it and soon I will be able to actually ride it! Now with this comes the question- what does one wear when riding a motorbike? Leather of course! It's not just about looking cool but leather actually protects you against all sorts of things that can happen to you when you fall so you want a leather jacket with protectors in it. So naturally, I've been looking for a leather jacket that does that but still looks nice because I don't want to walk around uni or town in a bulky jacket and I don't want a racer jacket either because while that style looks fabulous on my mum on her sports bike, it doesn't quite work for Jamie and me.
Longest intro ever but essentially I found this BEAUTIFUL leather jacket from Harley Davidson. I wouldn't normally want to wear Harley Davidson clothing on my bike because despite looking vaguely like one, my bike is not a Harley and I would just feel a bit silly... Am I being crazy here? However this jacket is very subtle with the Harley branding and I love it because it looks like the perfect biker jacket without looking like protective clothing. There's little pockets inside the jacket for elbow and shoulder protectors which I would obviously use but it looks like a jacket that I would wear on a daily basis... An investment piece me thinks?

As you can see, it does say Harley Davidson on the back but it's just subtly embossed in the leather so I think it's not too full on and I could get away with it... Obviously I'd have to go to a shop and try it on and then there's the issue of the price... $350. A hefty price tag but not at all uncommon for a biker jacket. I'll have a think about this one...
Now for your general pleasure, I picture of my beautiful Jamie. She's turning 20 in May (yes, my bike is only a month younger than me) and I really hope I'll be able to ride her by then!

The Manicure Essentials

I don't have a very manicure friendly lifestyle so I'm always on the lookout for products that will make my manicure last longer without chipping and now I believe I found the perfect combination!

Let's talk about blush baby

I never used to me much of a blush person but recently I've started using it more. I mainly use Dallas as an everyday blush but my sister gave me some of her old blushes that she wanted to get rid off and I've really been liking them! 

NYX Mosaic Blush Rosey

The NYX Mosaic Blush in 'Rosey' is a very pretty rosy (duh) blush that consists of different colours so you can either swirl your brush around it to mix them all together or you could focus on the pinkier side. It has a bit of a shimmer to it, especially in the middle, which gives a nice glow but is very fine so it doesn't emphasise pores. The pigmentation is perfect, it's not too pigmented (which I really dislike in blushes) but it has a nice colour payoff.

Maybelline Expert Wear Blush Rose

The Maybelline Expert Wear Blush in Rose (do you sense a trend here?) is the one I was most excited about when my sister gave me some of her old blushes. It's a very subtle pale pink colour that leans toward the brown side of things. It isn't particularly pigmented so you have to work a little to get it to show up on your skin but it's perfect when you only want a very subtle, natural colour to your cheeks. I would only recommend it if you're quite pale though, as I don't think it would show up on darker skintones.

Catrice Sugar Shock Blush

This Catrice blush is from the Candy Shock Limited Edition and it's in the colour Sugar Shock. It's quite similar in tones to the NYX blush, as it also has pink tones with golden shimmer, but it's more pink than the NYX, which has more brown undertones. Again the pigmentation isn't fantastic but it gives a nice natural flush, although the shimmer particles are a little more obvious than in the NYX blush.

Benefit Dallas Blush

Finally we have Dallas by Benefit, which was actually also given to me by my sister about a year ago because she has all the Benefit box blushes but didn't like this one. It's my absolute favourite blush and I use it almost every day- it's very brown toned, almost like a bronzer, which I find more flattering on my skintone because I don't tend to naturally flush to a pink colour anyway. It's quite pigmented so I only dab my brush in it for a natural finish.

Swatches from left to right:
Benefit Dallas, Catrice Sugar Shock, NYX Rosey, Maybelline Rose

The Video- GRWM for Show Choir

Please excuse the extremely attractive screenshot, I forgot to take a picture at the end so this is the best I could get... This was my first talking video and it's quite strange hearing your own voice, I'm not sure how I feel about it... I hope you enjoy this video! Also if anyone knows how to make YouTube let you change your video thumbnails that would be greatly appreciated!

Thoughts on body image

Last night I was just doing some late night online underwear shopping on asos -as you do- when I came across this picture of a 'plus size' model. It honestly made me want to cry. There is absolutely nothing plus size about this girl. She has a thigh gap for crying out loud! The picture upset me quite a lot (which my friends can vouch for because I contacted a few of them and complained about it) because it just shows what a ridiculous body image our society promotes. This model doesn't have a perfectly flat stomach- does that make her plus size? From looking at this picture I feel like I'm bigger than her (my legs most certainly are) and I'm a UK size 10-12- since when is that anywhere near plus size?
I feel like I need to address the issue of the thigh gap as well. The thigh gap has become this massive thing that everyone seems to either strive for or hate and apparently being skinny is defined by having a thigh gap. Bullshit (Pardon my french). I have two friends who are both equally as skinny and can wear the same size clothes, yet one of them has a thigh gap and the other one doesn't. Why is that? Because having a thigh gap doesn't just depend on how skinny your legs are, it depends on your hip bones. Mind: blown. I'm not going to lie, I sometimes wish I had a thigh gap because I have short legs and it just makes them look longer but I've accepted that it just won't happen because my silly skeleton doesn't want me to have a thigh gap. Will I survive? Probably.
My point is, there is no point in starving yourself to look like the models on asos. Yes they probably work out and watch what they eat but they were most likely born with this body type. Whether you have genes that make you look like that or you don't, just be happy with what you have and make the best of it. I happen to be lucky enough to have a flat(ish) stomach and I work out a lot so I like to show off my abs. I wasn't blessed with skinny arms or legs but hey ho- I'm not going to stop eating because of that.
It annoys me when people do comparisons (so-called "FitSpo" does this a lot) where they put a picture of a skinny girl with a thigh gap next to a skinny girl without a thigh gap with a big butt and go "Which one would you rather be? The one on the right squats". That's ridiculous. Maybe they both squat! One of them was just born with a fantastic metabolism and probably finds it hard to put on weight and struggles with that (I know it took me a while to understand how someone can struggle with not being able to put on weight too), whereas the other one was born with a fantastic butt and probably has different issues. Don't judge people because they're big, but don't judge them because they're skinny either! Rant over.

Here's a fantastic little piece I found about thigh gaps. It has gifs and everything- enjoy.

Lunch at JB's Diner

On Wednesday, Emma and Jordan (you may know them as Cheekysmiles101 and HelloMissJordan) took me to JB's Diner for lunch. I can't believe that I've lived in Brighton for almost four years but I had never been! Every time I walked past it I was extremely intrigued but it doesn't look like much from the outside so I never went- how wrong I was. As soon as you walk in you actually feel like you're in a stereotypical American diner like you would see in a movie. They have the benches and there's vintage posters and decorations all over the walls.
Now enough for the atmosphere, I know you all want to know about the food. I ordered a Mint Choc Chip milkshake and it was absolutely incredible! It tasted like Aero Mint Bubbles and everyone who knows me knows that I'm obsessed with those. The milkshakes are huge and they actually give you the silver container thing (technical terms) that I managed to get about another glass and a half out of so it's definitely good value for money! I ended up taking half of it home in a to go cup because I just couldn't finish it.

We initially went for milkshakes but then decided to also have food because we were all starving. I went for some chicken strips with a honey mustard dip which were really nice. Emma went for the burger and soon regretted it because it was so big! But thankfully they let you take home what you couldn't finish so it was essentially two meals for her.

Here you can see some active blogging going on- Jordan actually took her good camera so if you want to see some nicer photos head over to her blog.
I really enjoyed my lunch at JB's and I'm definitely going to go again. The food was really good and the milkshakes are just out of this world! I ended up paying a little less than £10 for my chicken strips and what was essentially three glasses of milkshake... not too shabby.

I'm in a music video!

Hey guys, I'm so sorry for the lack of posts at the moment, but it's my society's biggest event of the year today and I have to choose my options and dissertation supervisor for next year which has been very stressful! However, I wanted to let you know that I'm in the Brighton edition of the Happy by Pharell Williams music video, which I am super excited about. The amazing girls at Lux-Obscuro Productions went around and filmed tons of people dancing in Brighton and put together this awesome music video. I am seriously so impressed with how it turned out! If you're wondering, I'm of course the girl dancing on scaffolding, because that's just how I roll ;)
Please watch it, like it and give the girls some support because they have put a lot of effort into this!