A Soap and Glory Haul

3 for 2 on Soap and Glory gets me every time... I went to Boots to pick up a new scrub because I've run out of my 'Scrub Actually' and there was that big sign offering me a free product... Right next to the new Orangeasm releases, which I just HAD to try out. That would be why I'm poor... So here's what I picked up:

I love anything with a fresh citrus smell so I was really excited about this. I haven't been doing as much pole so I can actually use moisturiser again! I love thick body butters because it just feels like they're actually doing something, and this one smells absolutely incredible!

The reason why I went to Boots- I needed a new body scrub and after much deliberation I decided to go for this one. I've used Flake Away and Scrub Actually in the past, but I didn't like that Flake Away comes in a tub (knocked it over and spilled it all over the shower more times than I can count) and Scrub Actually was nice but not incredible. I've heard many good things about Pulp Friction so I thought I would give it a try! The grains are definitely finer than the ones in Scrub Actually, which I like because it feels like it'll be more effective especially on my legs with ingrown hairs etc (Sorry, TMI but we've all been there).

So this is where the 3 for 2 thing came in... I thought that if I was going to get the Orangeasm Body Butter then I might as well get the shower gel to go with it- it smells exactly the same, so fresh and orangey and like it could actually wake me up in the mornings... and that is quite a task, I'm telling you. Also it's absolutely huge, this 500ml bottle will last me a loooong time.

Have you picked up anything from Soap and Glory recently?

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