Lunch at JB's Diner

On Wednesday, Emma and Jordan (you may know them as Cheekysmiles101 and HelloMissJordan) took me to JB's Diner for lunch. I can't believe that I've lived in Brighton for almost four years but I had never been! Every time I walked past it I was extremely intrigued but it doesn't look like much from the outside so I never went- how wrong I was. As soon as you walk in you actually feel like you're in a stereotypical American diner like you would see in a movie. They have the benches and there's vintage posters and decorations all over the walls.
Now enough for the atmosphere, I know you all want to know about the food. I ordered a Mint Choc Chip milkshake and it was absolutely incredible! It tasted like Aero Mint Bubbles and everyone who knows me knows that I'm obsessed with those. The milkshakes are huge and they actually give you the silver container thing (technical terms) that I managed to get about another glass and a half out of so it's definitely good value for money! I ended up taking half of it home in a to go cup because I just couldn't finish it.

We initially went for milkshakes but then decided to also have food because we were all starving. I went for some chicken strips with a honey mustard dip which were really nice. Emma went for the burger and soon regretted it because it was so big! But thankfully they let you take home what you couldn't finish so it was essentially two meals for her.

Here you can see some active blogging going on- Jordan actually took her good camera so if you want to see some nicer photos head over to her blog.
I really enjoyed my lunch at JB's and I'm definitely going to go again. The food was really good and the milkshakes are just out of this world! I ended up paying a little less than £10 for my chicken strips and what was essentially three glasses of milkshake... not too shabby.

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