The Manicure Essentials

I don't have a very manicure friendly lifestyle so I'm always on the lookout for products that will make my manicure last longer without chipping and now I believe I found the perfect combination!
I bought the Seche Vite top coat because everyone and their mum were talking about how glossy it made their nails look and how long it makes their manicure last. I have to be honest, I was quite disappointed at first because it didn't make my manicure last any longer than my other topcoats- however it dried my nails within minutes so I kept using it because who doesn't love fast drying nails?
I picked up the Sally Hansen Insta Grip base coat on a whim when I was in TK Maxx and saw it for £2.99- too good to pass up. Pre Seche-Vite I used the Insta Dry top coat and I really like the Sally Hansen range so I thought I'd give it a try, especially because the concept reminded me of the Orly Bonder that lots of people have been talking about. So I got home, did my nails, and four days later my manicure was still perfectly intact! For some people that might not be special but my nails normally chip on the first day so for me this is incredible and makes me life so much easier. Plus they're both not too expensive, I got the Seche Vite from Boots for £9 and I believe the base coat is normally around £5!

What are your secrets for a long lasting manicure?

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