The Wishlist- A Biker Jacket

I know what you're thinking- come on Allie, you literally have a million leather jackets, do you really need another one? To which I will say yes, yes I do. But bear with me on this one. I am aware that I have a serious leather jacket problem but this one is different, I swear. I don't know if I've ever mentioned it before on the blog but I own a motorbike (she's called Jamie) and after almost two years of being an absolute useless person I have finally gotten around to registering it and soon I will be able to actually ride it! Now with this comes the question- what does one wear when riding a motorbike? Leather of course! It's not just about looking cool but leather actually protects you against all sorts of things that can happen to you when you fall so you want a leather jacket with protectors in it. So naturally, I've been looking for a leather jacket that does that but still looks nice because I don't want to walk around uni or town in a bulky jacket and I don't want a racer jacket either because while that style looks fabulous on my mum on her sports bike, it doesn't quite work for Jamie and me.
Longest intro ever but essentially I found this BEAUTIFUL leather jacket from Harley Davidson. I wouldn't normally want to wear Harley Davidson clothing on my bike because despite looking vaguely like one, my bike is not a Harley and I would just feel a bit silly... Am I being crazy here? However this jacket is very subtle with the Harley branding and I love it because it looks like the perfect biker jacket without looking like protective clothing. There's little pockets inside the jacket for elbow and shoulder protectors which I would obviously use but it looks like a jacket that I would wear on a daily basis... An investment piece me thinks?

As you can see, it does say Harley Davidson on the back but it's just subtly embossed in the leather so I think it's not too full on and I could get away with it... Obviously I'd have to go to a shop and try it on and then there's the issue of the price... $350. A hefty price tag but not at all uncommon for a biker jacket. I'll have a think about this one...
Now for your general pleasure, I picture of my beautiful Jamie. She's turning 20 in May (yes, my bike is only a month younger than me) and I really hope I'll be able to ride her by then!

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