Thoughts on body image

Last night I was just doing some late night online underwear shopping on asos -as you do- when I came across this picture of a 'plus size' model. It honestly made me want to cry. There is absolutely nothing plus size about this girl. She has a thigh gap for crying out loud! The picture upset me quite a lot (which my friends can vouch for because I contacted a few of them and complained about it) because it just shows what a ridiculous body image our society promotes. This model doesn't have a perfectly flat stomach- does that make her plus size? From looking at this picture I feel like I'm bigger than her (my legs most certainly are) and I'm a UK size 10-12- since when is that anywhere near plus size?
I feel like I need to address the issue of the thigh gap as well. The thigh gap has become this massive thing that everyone seems to either strive for or hate and apparently being skinny is defined by having a thigh gap. Bullshit (Pardon my french). I have two friends who are both equally as skinny and can wear the same size clothes, yet one of them has a thigh gap and the other one doesn't. Why is that? Because having a thigh gap doesn't just depend on how skinny your legs are, it depends on your hip bones. Mind: blown. I'm not going to lie, I sometimes wish I had a thigh gap because I have short legs and it just makes them look longer but I've accepted that it just won't happen because my silly skeleton doesn't want me to have a thigh gap. Will I survive? Probably.
My point is, there is no point in starving yourself to look like the models on asos. Yes they probably work out and watch what they eat but they were most likely born with this body type. Whether you have genes that make you look like that or you don't, just be happy with what you have and make the best of it. I happen to be lucky enough to have a flat(ish) stomach and I work out a lot so I like to show off my abs. I wasn't blessed with skinny arms or legs but hey ho- I'm not going to stop eating because of that.
It annoys me when people do comparisons (so-called "FitSpo" does this a lot) where they put a picture of a skinny girl with a thigh gap next to a skinny girl without a thigh gap with a big butt and go "Which one would you rather be? The one on the right squats". That's ridiculous. Maybe they both squat! One of them was just born with a fantastic metabolism and probably finds it hard to put on weight and struggles with that (I know it took me a while to understand how someone can struggle with not being able to put on weight too), whereas the other one was born with a fantastic butt and probably has different issues. Don't judge people because they're big, but don't judge them because they're skinny either! Rant over.

Here's a fantastic little piece I found about thigh gaps. It has gifs and everything- enjoy.

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