The Hat Hairstyle

The weather is getting warmer and the sun is coming out more, so I've been getting out my hat more often! I find that when I'm out in the sun all day I definitely need to wear a hat because otherwise I burn and get a headache and that's not something I want! I'm definitely not a hat person, they don't look particularly good on me, but I try to make it work. When I don't want my hair completely down, this is the hairstyle I've been wearing.
I put all my hair loosely to one side (I have layers so the pieces on the other side just come out by themselves, no effort involved) and then do a quick fishtail braid. You can just do a normal braid but I love the look of the fishtail braid and it looks like you've put in so much more effort than you actually have (if you want a tutorial for a fishtail braid, I love this one). I then loosen the braid a little and pull my hair so it's quite loose and looks really relaxed. I always need to have hair down on both sides of my face when I wear a hat because otherwise I just look weird... so this hairstyle is perfect for me. It looks effortless but cool at the same time! And my hat is from H&M if you're wondering, I could only find the straw version online because it's a few years old, but that one is really nice for summer.

What's your favourite hat hairstyle?

100 Follower Giveaway!

This morning I woke up to 100 followers on Bloglovin'! It's the most surreal thing thinking that there's 100 people reading my daily ramblings about life and makeup and I am honestly so grateful! I remember not so long ago when I got excited about hitting 20 followers and now there's 100 of you!
Since you're all awesome and deserve to be treated I'm doing a little giveaway to celebrate this milestone! I'm a poor student so it's nothing big but I put together some of my favourite products for you to win. Here's what I put together:
  • Seche Vite Nail Polish in Smitten- because everyone needs a bright red nail polish in their life and we don't have time to wait for regular nail polish to dry
  • Rimmel Scandaleyes Eyeshadow Paint in Rich Russet- my favourite long lasting eyeshadow
  • Soap and Glory Mini Flake Away Scrub- my favourite body scrub
  • Soap and Glory Mini Endless Glove Hand Cream- we all know I love me a good hand cream!
  • and a cute makeup bag- because it's cute

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Productive procrastination

It's that time of the year when all students are going slightly mental because we have exams that are sort of quite important... It is also that time of the year when the phenomenon of procrastination is extremely prevalent. We are all guilty of procrastinating but if you're going to do it, why not do it productively? Here are some ideas for productive procrastination:

1. Write a blog post
This is the perfect time to schedule a few posts. You may not be doing your uni/school work but you're doing something! And if you want to be super cool, write a blog post about procrastination- procrastiception!

2. Tidy your room
I hate tidying my room. I'm extremely messy but as soon as I start revising I suddenly have an urge to reorganise and clean EVERYTHING. So go ahead, tidy your room, colour code and label everything to your heart's content- by the end of it at least you'll have a nice space to actually do your revision in.

3. Take care of your skin, paint your nails, etc.
Who really cares about your knowledge of System Justification when you have glowing skin and perfectly painted nails? It's pamper time!

Can you tell I'm going mad here?

The battle of the cleansing oils

This time last year, Bioderma was all the rage, but now the new trend is cleansing oils! Cleansing oils are normally used as a pre-clease step to remove your makeup, but unless you've been living under a rock you probably already know that! I bought the MAC Cleanse Off Oil last summer after Emma (Cheekysmiles101) recommended it to me and have been using it religiously ever since. I use one pump of it and massage it all over my face, concentrating on my eyes to get off all that mascara, and then remove it with a flannel. It quickly became my favourite method of makeup removal because it's so easy but I feel like it's a lot more effective than micellar waters.
However my bottle has started coming to an end so I thought I'd branch out and try out a different cleansing oil by The Body Shop- the Chamomile Silky Cleansing Oil. It's only £10, which is half the price of the MAC one, and I actually prefer it and have used it exclusively since I got it! The Body Shop cleansing oil has a similar texture to the MAC one but feels slightly more silky on the skin and I feel like it's better at removing stubborn eye makeup, especially mascara. With the MAC Cleanse Off Oil, I always felt like I had to scrub at my eyes quite a lot to get off my mascara, which is obviously something you want to avoid, but the Camomile Cleansing Oil just lifts it off effortlessly, even my They're Real mascara from Benefit which we all know is a pain in the butt to remove!
While I do love the MAC cleansing oil and will definitely use it up, I will be sticking with the Body Shop one in the future, saving myself money and getting a better product!

What is your favourite cleansing oil?

My first hoop class at Gemini Pole Studio

Hey guys! Today was a very exciting day for me because I had my first ever aerial hoop class! If you don't know what aerial hoop is, I think the pictures are quite self explanatory but essentially it's aerial acrobatics on a hoop that is suspended from the ceiling- or in my case from a fancy looking metal contraption! It's quite similar to things like pole, silks, rope and trapeze which I've been doing so it's just a way for me to branch out and try something a little different!
I did the class at Gemini Pole Studio in Brighton, which is where I also go for pole classes outside of university. It's run by Amy who is absolutely amazing and a fantastic instructor! Emma actually got me a private pole lesson with Amy for my birthday and I was so excited I was jumping around telling everyone all night...
Anyway, the class was one hour long and there were four of us. We started with a simple way to get on the hoop, which is a stradde mount- as you can see in the picture below. We then did some fun stuff from there, like sitting in the hoop etc. For a first lesson we actually got through quite a lot of moves, which was great, and I felt really good!
If you have hoop classes anywhere near you I definitely recommend you try it out! It's great fun and a fantastic workout- I will definitely be feeling it tomorrow! Now here's some more photos, I hope you enjoy my fabulously mismatched socks!

If you're in Brighton and you're interested in finding out more about Gemini classes, here are some links:

Have you ever tried anything like hoop before?

Chanel Perfection Lumiere Velvet First Impressions

Absolutely everyone has been going on about the new Chanel foundation, opinions are mixed but the general consensus is that it's a pretty damn good foundation if you like a matte finish! I don't really buy high end foundations because my skintone changes so much so I can't justify spending that much money on a foundation that will only match me for a few weeks, but I felt like it was my obligation as an oily skinned beauty blogger to add my opinion to the mix so I recently picked up a little sample of it.

First off, how fricking adorable is this little sample pot? It's quite a general sample and I reckon it will last me for a few applications, which I'm quite excited about. I'm a bit tanned at the moment so I got the shade 20 Beige which is a flawless match for my skintone!

I fell in love with this foundation as soon as I applied it. It glides over the skin and blends in perfectly leaving you with a flawless matte finish. It definitely has quite a matte powdery finish but I really like that since I have oily skin and I didn't even feel the need to powder! Despite being quite matte it still looks like skin, I'd say the coverage is quite light but I only applied a tiny little bit. I definitely think it would be quite buildable and you could definitely get medium coverage out of this, but I'm having quite a good skin week so I didn't feel the need for another layer (plus I'm trying to get as much out of the sample pot as possible!).

Six hours later...

As you can see, the foundation didn't wear particularly well in the oily areas of my face. It completely disappeared on my nose and got replaced by a lovely oil slick and there also wasn't much left of it on my forehead, apart from a bit of product that had weirdly gathered between my eyebrows... the foundation settled a bit in the slightly drier patches on the sides of my nose and while I wouldn't mind this sort of wear in a drugstore foundation, I wouldn't spend £33 on it.
To be honest I'm quite relieved that I didn't absolutely fall in love with this foundation because I definitely can't afford spending that much money on a foundation. 

Have you tried the Chanel Perfection Lumiere Velvet foundation? What were your thoughts?

What's on my plate #1

Summer is fast approaching and I'm starting to really get into fitness and healthy eating again so Living Life in Docs is going to become a little more health oriented! I thought it would be a nice idea to share with you what I eat in a day, it may be interesting for you to see (is it? Let me know in the comments!) and it's also a nice way to keep myself accountable for what I eat.. If I don't want to share it on the internet then I probably don't want to eat it! I'm also starting a fitness series on Wednesdays so make sure you follow so you don't miss out on that! But enough on that, let's see what I ate yesterday...

I've only recently started eating breakfast again, I'm normally not hungry in the mornings and just have coffee but I find that if I make myself eat something in the morning I will be less tempted to binge for the rest of the day. I like something a little sweet for breakfast so I've been eating granola with dried fruit (strawberries, raspberries and apples) with some low fat greek yoghurt- yum! I like to have breakfast in bed while catching up on YouTube videos so here you can see GlamLifeGuru's latest video in the background!
I don't really have typical meals but today I decided to go for pasta because I was going climbing in the evening and needed some carbs for energy! I like the green tagliatelle because they have some sort of spinach power in them and they're just really good! Today I added a bit of pesto and of course some cheese because if there's one thing I can't live without, it's cheese!
It's really nice and warm at the moment so as a revision snack I had a nice smoothie that I made from frozen mango, raspberries and coconut milk. It's a nice healthy snack and a good way to eat more fruit, plus it's so refreshing! And just look at that colour...
When I came back from climbing I was really exhausted so I just wanted to make something quick and didn't exactly go for the healthiest option... I had a miso soup, which I've been eating lots recently because it's so easy to make. I buy little sachets that have the paste and seaweed in them and then you just add hot water and you're done! After my miso soup I also had some noodles with prawns because it's quick and easy and involves minimal effort... I'm a terrible role model.

I hope you enjoyed this post, let me know if you want to see more food/healthy and fitness related posts!

My Brow Routine

Brows are an extremely important part of my beauty routine- even when I only put on minimal makeup, I will always do my brows because they really do frame your face! I used to have really thick brows but then my hair started falling out and my brows went with it. Most of my hair has grown back now but my brows have never been the same, so now I have slightly less to work with and need to cheat a little bit. So here is what I do with my brows, from grooming to filling them in:

First off, meet Meg- the woman behind my brows.
I've been getting my brows waxed at the Benefit Brow Bar in Boots in Brighton (so many Bs!) for a few months now and I'm really happy with it! Meg is absolutely lovely and she does my brows flawlessly every time, as well as being really nice to chat to! I get my brows waxed approximately once a month, sometimes two months if I'm being forgetful, but that's the only thing I really do, apart from plucking a stray hair every now and then.

 Before waxing

After waxing

You can see the massive difference that waxing makes! In the before picture I'd been growing my brows out for a while and they were very unruly and then Meg did her magic and tadaa, beautifully arched brows. When I've gotten my brows waxed they are normally in a really great shape so I don't need to do too much to them, but I like to fill in any sparse areas with the Revlon Brow Fantasy in Brunette and then stick down the hairs with the brow gel, which also gives my brows a bit of a warmer tint which is great as I have quite ashy brows but my hair colour is quite warm! When I'm feeling a little more adventurous or I need my brows to last through sweat and rain I will use the Make Up Forever Aqua Brow with the Real Techniques Brow Brush, because it literally does not budge no matter what you do to it!

I hope you enjoyed this post! What are your favourite brow products?

Mr Nutcase Custom Phone Case Review

Mr Nutcase custom phone case

mr nutcase custom phone case

I'm a sucker for a cool phone case and last summer I actually got a custom photo phone case from Casetagram which I was absolutely in love with- until my phone got stolen and the case with it. They're not the cheapest thing to get so I hadn't gotten a new one until I read about the website Mr Nutcase (how adorable is that name?) and found out that their custom cases are only £14.95! The process of making one is really easy, you just upload some pictures, pick a template (there are loads available) and then arrange the pictures like you want. You can zoom in and out, crop them, rotate them and even add text! I went for quite a simple design that I could put lots of photos on with some smaller and some bigger ones.
The phone case arrived really quickly, I ordered it on the weekend and it arrived on Tuesday! I'm really happy with the quality, the photos came out perfectly, the colours are spot on and the case seems really sturdy. I also like that the sides are clear because I think it makes my phone look really nice and sleek. The case also fits perfectly, which I often find is hard to get. It's tight enough to not fall off but it's also not impossible to get off- massive bonus when you have to change your sim cards quite frequently.
Overall I'm really impressed with Mr Nutcase and I would definitely recommend their cases!

The Fuchia Lip

Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Pink Pong

Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Pink Pong Lip Swatch

It's not a secret that I hate pink- like, a lot. Don't get me wrong, I think it looks gorgeous on other people, I just really don't like it on me. However recently I saw a video of Anna from Vivianna does Makeup wearing a beautiful matte bright pink lip and I decided that I needed it. The lip product in question was the Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Lipstick in Pink Pong, so I promptly went out and purchased it and I have not been disappointed! It's a liquid lipstick that dries down to a matte finish but it feels extremely weightless and it does not budge. The colour is very pigmented but I use two coats to really build it up to a really bright opaque finish- you could also sheer it out for a more natural finish. The applicator is perfect and carries just the right amount of product, as well as being a really good shape so it's easy to get a very precise finish. I actually really like this colour because it's such a bright cool toned pink and the finish is matte so I don't feel like a Barbie wearing it and I actually think it works really well with my skintone!

Have you tried any of the Rouge Edition Velvet lipsticks?

The Skincare Saviours

Sometimes your skin just goes a bit crazy, something which has unfortunately happened to me quite recently, and there's a few products that I found really help improve the condition of my skin quickly.
The Una Brennan Deep Clean Pore Purifying Clay Mask is a blogger favourite- and for a good reason. It's a really nice clay mask that draws out impurities, declogs your pores and just generally deep cleanses your skin without drying it out too much. It is quite tough to remove since it's a clay mask so I like to work some cleansing oil over my skin to loosen it a little before I take it off with a flannel.
Another product that always helps my skin clear up is the Effaclar Duo by La Roche Posay, which is also an absolute cult product. It's a really lightweight gel formula and I don't know how it does it but when I use this regularly my skin is just a lot clearer! When I finish this tube I will definitely be trying out the Effaclar Duo + which is meant to help with scarring as well!
The next product is a bit of a cheat because I've only had it for two days but I used it once and it made my skin feel a million times better! I have very oily skin so normally don't do too much for moisture but recently I've realised that my skin does feel a little dehydrated so I've been using more hydrating products and my skin feels so much smoother and plumper already! The Body Shop Hydrating Mask is a gel formula that sinks in quite quickly, you leave it on for about ten minutes by which time most of the product has been soaked up by your thirsty skin and then you just wash off the excess and you're left with happy skin!
Last but not least is my absolute holy grail night time product, which is the Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate. Put two drops of this on your skin in the evening and when you wake up you will look glowing and like you've been sleeping for weeks! It is quite pricy but I bought mine more than six months ago, I use it every night and I haven't even used up half of it so it's definitely a good investment.

What are your secret skincare weapons?

The DIY Overnight Hair Mask

First I'd like to apologise for the lack of posts, I've got an essay deadline on Monday and I'm currently freaking out about it a little bit... However since I'm just sitting inside, admiring the sunshine from my window, I can do all sorts of hair treatments. I don't do this hair mask often because it's super intense and frankly a little messy but when I do it makes my hair feel extremely soft and nourished, plus it's super cheap and easy to make!
All you need is coconut oil, castor oil and a container to mix them in (I got my coconut oil from Sainsbury's and the castor oil from amazon by the way). I use about equal parts of both oils and then mix them together. I then put my hair into sections and apply the mixture from the roots to the ends of my hair. Because I only use this treatment infrequently it's fine to put it through my entire hair, plus my hair is quite thick and dry so it doesn't get weighed down too much. If you have very fine hair, I'd probably only use this on the mid lengths to ends of your hair.


I just put my hair in a bun, leave this on overnight (remember to protect your pillow with a towel) and then wash your hair in the morning and tadaa, you have nourished happy hair!

Dinner at Prezzo

Yesterday my friend Lauren and I went out for dinner at Prezzo in the Brighton Marina because she had a voucher for a second main course for only £2.50! The atmosphere at the restaurant was lovely and it looked a lot more expensive than it is. Lauren and I shared some calamari as a starter and then she had the flatbread and I had spaghetti carbonara, which were absolutely lovely. We also had some dessert (Lauren had ice cream and I had a coffee) and ended up paying only £22 for the entire meal!
If you have a Prezzo near you I definitely recommend you go, here's the link to the voucher we used.
On the way back we had this stunning view of the sunset so I thought I'd share the picture with you. The sky was literally bright pink, the picture doesn't even do it justice.

What's on my nails #6

Summer is coming! There has been a lot of sunshine recently so I wanted to wear something bright on my nails. Yellow nail polish always cheers me up because it's so bright and just puts you in a good mood. For this manicure I used the Rimmel I <3 Lasting Finish nail polish in 'Sunshine' which is such a fitting name! I'm not in love with the formula, it's a little watery and streaky and it's difficult to get an even finish- it took me four coats to get an opaque finish- but it's worth it for the colour.

Do you know any great yellow nail polishes?

The Body Shop Wishlist

Strangely enough I haven't been particularly into makeup recently- however I've been going crazy for fashion and skincare items. Carrie from Carrie Brighton has been talking quite a lot about the Body Shop recently and it has reminded me how many great products they have. I think the Body Shop is often overlooked because it's not high end but you can't find it in Boots either. But they do have some products that people have been raving about so here's a little list of things I am planning on picking up when I have money again/when they are doing a sale.

This is still quite a new release but I have heard many great things about it from bloggers like Sammi from Beautycrush so I'd be quite curious to try it out and see how it compares to my beloved Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Serum.

A blogger favourite for on-the-go hydration. I've recently started using the Vitamin E Hydrating Toner and I have been loving it. As I have oily skin I used to stay away from hydrating ranges like this but it has made my skin feel so much better and this little spray seems perfect for flights when you need a little hydration boost.

I'm about to run out of my MAC cleansing oil and people like Kate from gh0stparties have been raving about this cleansing oil so I definitely want to give it a try! At only £10 it's half the price of my MAC one so I think it's worth trying out. Also I love everything that Kate recommends so I can't really go wrong with this one.

Recommended by Estée from Essiebutton and apparently better than the Nuxe Reve de Miel lip balm... this must be good! I have super dry and constantly chapped lips no matter what the weather and no matter what I put on them so I have high hopes for this. It would also be much easier to carry around than the glass jar that the Nuxe balm lives in...

Another hydrating mask- do you sense a trend here? I have lots of pore cleansing masks but not a single hydrating one so I really want to try this one out because I've tried and liked other products from the range. I'm also hoping that this may be good for my long haul flight to Canada this summer... planning ahead with the in-flight skincare. I'm normal, I swear.

I own the this works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray that all bloggers are crazy about but I honestly have to say I don't love it. However I love the general idea of a pillow mist and would love to try this one out, especially because it's also a body mist so I would hope the scent might linger for longer, which is my main issue with the this works offering. I would definitely smell this in store first though, since it's not the cheapest product.

Do you have a favourite product from The Body Shop?

Living Life in Docs is now self hosted!

Hey guys!

You may have noticed that as of two days ago, Living Life in Docs has officially become! I've been spending a lot more time on the blog and I thought that getting rid of was the next logical step and I honestly couldn't be more excited! I've been working on the design a little too so if you have any suggestions please do let me know in the comments or tweet me (you can reach my twitter via the fancy new social media icons now...). Similarly if there's any content you want to see more of, like fashion posts, beauty reviews, etc. please do let me know because I want to improve my blog and make it better for my awesome readers.
I'm going to ask Bloglovin' to move my followers over to the new URL so if you're a new follower please make sure you follow and not!

I can't thank you all enough for supporting my blog in the past few months and I'm looking forward to lots more blogging fun in the future!



Never let go

Today's post isn't beauty or fashion related, it's just a little update on my life, especially pole. I've never been particularly good at pole and I've had to work extremely hard for everything which can be very frustrating at times. There have been months when despite training really hard I just couldn't get any moves which was really getting me down, but in the last few weeks I have improved massively.
This just goes to show that if you're trying hard but nothing's happening, you just need to keep going because one day you will get there. Ignore the people around you and their progress and concentrate on what you can achieve. This applies not only to fitness but most things in life. There will always be obstacles but if you hold on you can achieve your goals.

BlackTied Jewellery

I recently discovered the jewellery heaven that is BlackTied, and today my order finally arrived! They liked one of my Instagram pictures so I headed over to their website so check out the jewellery and absolutely fell in love, they have the most amazing affordable pieces that are edgy but not overwhelming.

The "My face but better" Make-Up

I've recently been quite lazy with my make-up, so unless I've got something important to do I've been going makeupless or just doing a few things to make myself look a little bit better, just for that little extra bit of confidence. Now this is a super natural makeup look with very few products (for me, anyway), you won't fool a girl with this but most guys will probably think that you're not wearing makeup... They know nothing, do they?
I have quite bad skin at the moment so I've been using the Clinique Stay Matte foundation, although I would probably just skip this step if my skin was looking good! I just slap this on and blend it out with my fingers for a quick and natural looking finish. I then use the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer in any areas where I need a bit more coverage and underneath my eyes. I set everything with some sort of powder that I have lying around, which has recently been the Catrice Skin Finish powder.
I then quickly fill in my eyebrows a little bit with the MUA Luxe Brow and set them in place with the Benefit Speed Brow gel. For my eyes, I just curl my lashes and use this Laura Mercier mascara sample, which is the most natural looking mascara I have ever used! Last but not least I add a little bit of colour back to my cheeks and lips with this Maxfactor Cream Blush.

I hope you enjoyed this post!

The Mattifying SPF

The weather is slowly getting warmer and everyone is starting to talk about summer now. If you have oily skin, you're most likely dreading the hot (okay okay, warm, I live in England after all) summer months because you know that as soon as you step outside, your face will turn into an oil slick. Unfortunately SPF doesn't help with this in the slightest, it tends to be greasy and just make matters worse for my oily skin- enter the La Roche Posay Anthelios XL. It has a very fancy sounding name and calls itself a dry touch gel-cream for sensitive and sun intolerant skin. I have the SPF 50+ version but I believe there is also an SPF 30 for those who aren't quite as crazy as me. It offers protection against UVA and UVB rays so you're protected all around and best of all, it actually mattifies your face.

It comes out as quite a thick, white cream but blends out really well. It does give a little bit of a white cast but that doesn't bother me too much. It doesn't have a heavy scent and sinks in really quickly, leaving you with a lovely matte base to apply your makeup to.
Overall I'm really happy with this SPF and it's definitely a lot cheaper than the Kiehl's one everyone always talks about!

Have you ever tried an SPF by La Roche Posay?

The Magazine Freebie

In this month's edition of Marie Claire magazine you get not only one but three (!!!) samples of Aromatherapy Associates products! I have heard a lot about the company's bath oils (especially the relax one) and wasn't even aware that they had a skincare range but I am really excited to try it! The samples are a really great size, ranging from 5ml to 15ml and they are all from the hydrating range. You get a cleanser (10ml), a moisturiser (5ml) and the one I'm most excited about, the hydrating mask (15ml). They are all rose scented so if that's not your cup of tea, these products probably won't be, but I absolutely love that smell so it's a plus for me! I'm definitely the most excited about the Hydrating Rose Face Mask because I've been wanting to try a hydrating mask and since this is a clear formula it would be perfect for my flight to Canada in the summer!
The magazine is only £3.90 so you get the whole magazine plus these products (which are worth £13 by the way) AND 20% off your order from Aromatherapy Associates... It's a good deal if you ask me!

Are you going to be picking up Marie Claire for this freebie?

April Favourites - The Video

May the fourth be with you// Favourite Star Wars Decor

Two posts in one day! Crazy times... Since it's Star Wars day I also wanted to share my favourite Star Wars decor items with you. If you haven't figured it out by now, I really love Star Wars and I love having quirky little decor items in places!
I got the Lego clock on sale at Sainsbury's after Christmas for only £9 which I thought was an amazing bargain! It's a fully functional alarm clock and you can move Darth Vader's hands, arms and feet around which is great fun... You can also get these in Stormtrooper and Yoda form!
Next I have my awesome R2D2 cookie jar, which I call R2 Sweet Tooth. I saw this on an episode of How I Met Your Mother and just had to have it. It doesn't normally have cookies in it but it looks awesome in my kitchen!
I'm sure the amazing piece of sequin art captured your attention straight away- unfortunately you can't buy it in a shop so it's a bit mean for me to include it here but it's so awesome that I just had to! It was a present from my sister for my 20th birthday and it's just the coolest thing ever. She's really talented when it comes to making very unusual pieces of art and this is definitely her best work so far! There must be like four different colours of gold sequins in this and I don't even want to know how long it took her to make it! She has recently started a blog too, so I will link it here if she ever tells me what it's called...
Last but not least we have my beautiful plush ewok. Yes, I am 20 years old and I have a cuddly toy, don't judge me. This is the best affordable ewok I could find, he comes with that little robe thing they wear, but he only wears that to travel. I'm going to shut up now because I sound really really weird.

I hope you enjoyed this post! What's your favourite Star Wars film?

May the fourth be with you// Styling Fan Fashion- Star Wars

If you're a Star Wars fan then May 4th is basically a holiday- a holiday often used for Star Wars related activities like a film marathon, etc. Being a Star Wars fan and a girl, I obviously own some Star Wars related fashion items, so I thought it would be a good idea to share with you how I style them for different occasions! Two of the outfits are more laid back and casual whereas the other one is a bit more... out there.

The Star Wars film marathon

T-shirt: H&M // Jeans: Primark // Boots: Urban Outfitters

If you're going to watch all the Star Wars films in a row (or even just three of them, they're long movies!) then you're going to want to be comfortable! I chose this super baggy Star Wars tee from H&M, which is super comfy, and paired it with a simple pair of stretchy jeans. Now all you're going to need is your favourite cuddly toy (mine is called 'Ewok' because I'm just that creative) and lots of coffee to get you through the night...

The casual gathering

Kimono: H&M // T-Shirt: Amazon // Jeans: Topshop // Boots: Urban Outfitters

If you're not going to be sitting on a sofa for six hours but you still want to show your love for Star Wars then this is the one for you. I love this t-shirt and always get lots of compliments for it because you don't see it much! I got it off amazon (link here) and although the quality isn't amazing it's definitely a good statement piece. I decided to wear it with some high waisted jeans, boots and a kimono so the top remains the centre piece and it's still really comfortable (and because I really like high waisted jeans and boots).

The one that's more out there

Dress: Ebay // Leather jacket: Topshop // Boots: Urban Outfitters

If you're a bit more brave and want to reaaaally show your love for Star Wars then Black Milk Clothing is where you want to shop. They have some awesome dressed, leggings and swimsuits, but unfortunately they are quite expensive and located in Australia so you have to pay taxes, so I got this ewok dress off ebay. I absolutely love ewoks so this dress is perfect for me. It is skin tight so if you're not confident in your body it may not be for you (I only wear this on good days) and it is really short, so I wear it with a black body con skirt and tights underneath. However it is a really cool statement piece and would be perfect for a Star Wars themed party!

Cosmo Blog Awards 2014

Hey guys! Today' post is a cheeky little bit of self promotion... (but don't worry, a proper post is coming up later!). Basically it's blogger awards season again and if you enjoy my blog I'd be incredibly grateful if you could nominate me for the Next Newcomer Blog Award here! It would most certainly make my day (or year...). I started my blog in October 2013 and I've loved seeing it grow and improving the content I post! After exam season is over for me and I have more time I want to try to post every day and get more exciting beauty, fashion and lifestyle content for you guys. I haven't been at this for very long but it's so incredibly rewarding to see that people are interested in reading about my opinions about products and my general rambles about life.

Love you all and thank you so much for reading my blog and being awesome!