BlackTied Jewellery

I recently discovered the jewellery heaven that is BlackTied, and today my order finally arrived! They liked one of my Instagram pictures so I headed over to their website so check out the jewellery and absolutely fell in love, they have the most amazing affordable pieces that are edgy but not overwhelming.
I do love a good statement necklace but I wanted to expand my collection of small everyday necklaces so when they offered me a 20% discount I just had to make an order. Also did I mention that delivery is free for orders over £25? That may or may not have influenced how much I ordered... can't say no to free delivery!
I made my order on a Sunday and it arrived today (Friday), with a Monday bank holiday in between so it only took four days to arrive which I think is really good! I love the packaging with the little leopard print bag and I had to stop myself from ripping it open straight away to get to the jewellery I was so excited! The items themselves come wrapped in bubblewrap with a little thank you sticker on each item, which I thought was adorable!

Now for the actual items that I purchased- as I said I wanted some small everyday necklaces so I got this little arrow which I thought was really cute, the chain is the perfect length for me and it hangs really nicely. I like the subtle sparkle it has and it seems really well made. The second necklace I got is a little eagle, which I got to replace an eagle necklace that I lost around this time last year. I really love eagles and I like how small yet detailed this necklace is. If you regularly read my blog you'll also know that I'm a fan of slightly darker and not so shiny silver so this is perfect for me!

Last but not least I got this bracelet that says 'Dream Believe Achieve'. They have several of these with different messages but this was my favourite because it's nice and motivational, which is exactly what I need sometimes. It goes perfectly with the other bracelets I wear every day and it seems extremely sturdy.

Have you ever tried any jewellery from BlackTied?

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