Chanel Perfection Lumiere Velvet First Impressions

Absolutely everyone has been going on about the new Chanel foundation, opinions are mixed but the general consensus is that it's a pretty damn good foundation if you like a matte finish! I don't really buy high end foundations because my skintone changes so much so I can't justify spending that much money on a foundation that will only match me for a few weeks, but I felt like it was my obligation as an oily skinned beauty blogger to add my opinion to the mix so I recently picked up a little sample of it.

First off, how fricking adorable is this little sample pot? It's quite a general sample and I reckon it will last me for a few applications, which I'm quite excited about. I'm a bit tanned at the moment so I got the shade 20 Beige which is a flawless match for my skintone!

I fell in love with this foundation as soon as I applied it. It glides over the skin and blends in perfectly leaving you with a flawless matte finish. It definitely has quite a matte powdery finish but I really like that since I have oily skin and I didn't even feel the need to powder! Despite being quite matte it still looks like skin, I'd say the coverage is quite light but I only applied a tiny little bit. I definitely think it would be quite buildable and you could definitely get medium coverage out of this, but I'm having quite a good skin week so I didn't feel the need for another layer (plus I'm trying to get as much out of the sample pot as possible!).

Six hours later...

As you can see, the foundation didn't wear particularly well in the oily areas of my face. It completely disappeared on my nose and got replaced by a lovely oil slick and there also wasn't much left of it on my forehead, apart from a bit of product that had weirdly gathered between my eyebrows... the foundation settled a bit in the slightly drier patches on the sides of my nose and while I wouldn't mind this sort of wear in a drugstore foundation, I wouldn't spend £33 on it.
To be honest I'm quite relieved that I didn't absolutely fall in love with this foundation because I definitely can't afford spending that much money on a foundation. 

Have you tried the Chanel Perfection Lumiere Velvet foundation? What were your thoughts?

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