Mr Nutcase Custom Phone Case Review

Mr Nutcase custom phone case

mr nutcase custom phone case

I'm a sucker for a cool phone case and last summer I actually got a custom photo phone case from Casetagram which I was absolutely in love with- until my phone got stolen and the case with it. They're not the cheapest thing to get so I hadn't gotten a new one until I read about the website Mr Nutcase (how adorable is that name?) and found out that their custom cases are only £14.95! The process of making one is really easy, you just upload some pictures, pick a template (there are loads available) and then arrange the pictures like you want. You can zoom in and out, crop them, rotate them and even add text! I went for quite a simple design that I could put lots of photos on with some smaller and some bigger ones.
The phone case arrived really quickly, I ordered it on the weekend and it arrived on Tuesday! I'm really happy with the quality, the photos came out perfectly, the colours are spot on and the case seems really sturdy. I also like that the sides are clear because I think it makes my phone look really nice and sleek. The case also fits perfectly, which I often find is hard to get. It's tight enough to not fall off but it's also not impossible to get off- massive bonus when you have to change your sim cards quite frequently.
Overall I'm really impressed with Mr Nutcase and I would definitely recommend their cases!

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