My first hoop class at Gemini Pole Studio

Hey guys! Today was a very exciting day for me because I had my first ever aerial hoop class! If you don't know what aerial hoop is, I think the pictures are quite self explanatory but essentially it's aerial acrobatics on a hoop that is suspended from the ceiling- or in my case from a fancy looking metal contraption! It's quite similar to things like pole, silks, rope and trapeze which I've been doing so it's just a way for me to branch out and try something a little different!
I did the class at Gemini Pole Studio in Brighton, which is where I also go for pole classes outside of university. It's run by Amy who is absolutely amazing and a fantastic instructor! Emma actually got me a private pole lesson with Amy for my birthday and I was so excited I was jumping around telling everyone all night...
Anyway, the class was one hour long and there were four of us. We started with a simple way to get on the hoop, which is a stradde mount- as you can see in the picture below. We then did some fun stuff from there, like sitting in the hoop etc. For a first lesson we actually got through quite a lot of moves, which was great, and I felt really good!
If you have hoop classes anywhere near you I definitely recommend you try it out! It's great fun and a fantastic workout- I will definitely be feeling it tomorrow! Now here's some more photos, I hope you enjoy my fabulously mismatched socks!

If you're in Brighton and you're interested in finding out more about Gemini classes, here are some links:

Have you ever tried anything like hoop before?

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