The Hat Hairstyle

The weather is getting warmer and the sun is coming out more, so I've been getting out my hat more often! I find that when I'm out in the sun all day I definitely need to wear a hat because otherwise I burn and get a headache and that's not something I want! I'm definitely not a hat person, they don't look particularly good on me, but I try to make it work. When I don't want my hair completely down, this is the hairstyle I've been wearing.
I put all my hair loosely to one side (I have layers so the pieces on the other side just come out by themselves, no effort involved) and then do a quick fishtail braid. You can just do a normal braid but I love the look of the fishtail braid and it looks like you've put in so much more effort than you actually have (if you want a tutorial for a fishtail braid, I love this one). I then loosen the braid a little and pull my hair so it's quite loose and looks really relaxed. I always need to have hair down on both sides of my face when I wear a hat because otherwise I just look weird... so this hairstyle is perfect for me. It looks effortless but cool at the same time! And my hat is from H&M if you're wondering, I could only find the straw version online because it's a few years old, but that one is really nice for summer.

What's your favourite hat hairstyle?

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