The "My face but better" Make-Up

I've recently been quite lazy with my make-up, so unless I've got something important to do I've been going makeupless or just doing a few things to make myself look a little bit better, just for that little extra bit of confidence. Now this is a super natural makeup look with very few products (for me, anyway), you won't fool a girl with this but most guys will probably think that you're not wearing makeup... They know nothing, do they?
I have quite bad skin at the moment so I've been using the Clinique Stay Matte foundation, although I would probably just skip this step if my skin was looking good! I just slap this on and blend it out with my fingers for a quick and natural looking finish. I then use the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer in any areas where I need a bit more coverage and underneath my eyes. I set everything with some sort of powder that I have lying around, which has recently been the Catrice Skin Finish powder.
I then quickly fill in my eyebrows a little bit with the MUA Luxe Brow and set them in place with the Benefit Speed Brow gel. For my eyes, I just curl my lashes and use this Laura Mercier mascara sample, which is the most natural looking mascara I have ever used! Last but not least I add a little bit of colour back to my cheeks and lips with this Maxfactor Cream Blush.

I hope you enjoyed this post!

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