A Not So Positive June Birchbox Review

Warning: if you don't like negativity then you may want to stop reading now, because I have some not-so-nice things to say about this month's Birchbox. After last month's Harper Bazaar box I was really excited to see what they had in store for me this month, but I was massively disappointed.
First off, I had massive problems with the delivery-again. Since I was super excited about receiving my box, I tracked it after getting the email saying it has been dispatched, only to find that it had been delivered and signed for already! So far so good. When I got home, I frantically searched the entire house for the box, thinking that one of my housemates must have signed for it. As it turned out however, no one had received or signed for my Birchbox. Funnily enough, the tracking even said that "Cleve" (my last name) signed for the box, so I was confused. I contacted Birchbox via twitter and they took a few days to reply but then agreed to send me a replacement box. No one knows what happened to the original box- it shall remain a mystery.
Now on to the actual products I received! MissBudgetBeauty did an unboxing video as she received her box early and I was absolutely blown away by the contents! A Beauty Blender! The Caudalie Divine Oil! An OPI nail polish! Safe to say that I was extremely excited when I finally received my box, only to be extremely disappointed upon opening it. No Beauty Blender. No Caudalie Divine Oil. Instead I got a cheap looking Ives Rocher lipstick that applies extremely patchy and a boring body lotion.
I know that the whole point of these subscription boxes is that you don't know what you're going to get and some people get different things, but I feel like the quality of the boxes this month has been incredibly divided. If you're going to include a cult product like the Beauty Blender in a box then I would expect everyone to get one. The alternative in my box was clearly the Ives Rocher lipstick, which has a similar price point but is incredibly disappointing with its cheap looking packaging and patchy application.
Will I end my subscription because of this box? No. But consider this the second strike- if I get another disappointing box or more trouble with the delivery then I will be moving on to a different subscription service.

Do you have a beauty box subscription? Which one would you recommend?

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