Get your feet summer ready

It's summer time and the sandals are starting to come out, so it's time to get our feet summer ready! I'm quite low maintenance when it comes to my feet, but there's two things I like to do to get my feet ready to see the light of day again.
To pamper my feet a little I like to put on a generous amount of Soap and Glory Heel Genius, put on some old socks and then leave it on overnight. The next morning, my feet are nice and soft- easy peasy.
One thing that I like to spend time on is my pedicure- I like to do a proper gel pedicure with my Sensationail kit, because it lasts for weeks and I don't have to worry about chipping! I actually use normal nail polishes for my gel pedicures because I don't want to buy lots of gel nail colours. It works really well, just make sure that the colour is completely dry (I like to wait for 5+ hours, or let it dry overnight), before you apply the gel topcoat because otherwise the nail polish will bubble and look horrible. The colour I'm currently wearing is Mint for life by Maybelline, which is a really pretty mint colour that looks really great when you have a bit of a tan.

What do you do to get your feet summer ready?

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