I got arrested...

... for having fabulous eyeliner. Today the long awaited They're Real! liner launched in stores and obviously I had to go and check it out to let you know what I think. Now first things first: I'm quite hard to please when it comes to liners. I don't like the Soap and Glory Supercat Liner. I don't even like the Eyeko liner (*gasp*) and I am very content with my Maybelline Gel Liner and Real Techniques Silicone Liner brush combo and extremely sceptical about this new wonder liner that Benefit claim to have. I'm also not one to spend a lot of money on one item and I definitely think that Benefit is notoriously overpriced.
That said, this liner is awesome. One of the girls at the counter put it on me and it was so quick! And this stuff is black. I mean like really black. The tip is actually a lot finer than I thought so you can still do quite a fine line although I don't think you'll be able to get a super sharp point with it, but I'm not too bothered about that. It also seems really easy to create a flick with this, I haven't tried it myself but I've heard other people say it and it did take the girl at the counter like five seconds. So let's have a closer look at the result:

The liner is slightly different than I would normally do it but I actually quite like it... Now again can I just mention how black this stuff is? She didn't go over the line twice so obviously it's super opaque which I always look for in an eyeliner. The whole concept of it is that it's a gel liner but in pen form which I am seriously surprised no one has thought of before... 
Whether or not I will purchase this will depend on how much money I spend at IMATS this weekend (god help my bank account), but I think that if you love gel liner but you don't like faffing around with a brush all the time then this might be for you! Definitely head down to your local Benefit counter and try it!

Have you tried the new They're Real! Liner yet?

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