I went to IMATS!

So yesterday I headed to London (again) to go to IMATS with my friend Emma from Cheekysmiles101 and her sister Amy! We'd been wanting to go for ages so we were super excited- I didn't get too many pictures at IMATS unfortunately but I did film a Vlog which I will link down below! We had an amazing time, it was absolutely mad and I was quite glad that we went on the Sunday because the queues on Saturday must be even more of a nightmare.
I was initially quite sad that we didn't get to go on Saturday because lots of bloggers I really wanted to meet went that day but I suppose this way we just had more time to shop! Emma and Amy did some serious damage at Inglot, so much that they got a fancy little Inglot shopping bag, and I also put together a little palette, which was super fun! I bought a few things that I'm really happy with and it was definitely worth going for the discounts and the atmosphere. I actually felt totally normal walking around vlogging, which was nice because normally people stare at you like you're crazy, and being surrounded by so many makeup addicts was quite an experience! Lots of places were also doing crazy body paint which was incredibly impressive- makeup really can be an art!
After IMATS we headed to Covent Garden for lunch to check out the Benefit pub called Gabbi's head! It's such an awesome place and I definitely recommend you go if you're in the area! It's completely pink and you can get your brows and your makeup done for only £5! Emma and I both had a Rasp-Bene Mojito and we all had a chicken burger with the best sweet potato fries I've ever had! We also had a lovely chat with Meg (she has a blog, check it out here), who does social media for Benefit! Everyone was so friendly there and we even got little lanyards- mine is definitely going up on my wall!

I had such an amazing day and will definitely go to IMATS again! If you want to see more of my day, go watch my Vlog on my YouTube channel, and don't forget to subscribe so you don't miss my IMATS haul going up on Wednesday!

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