Photography Workshop with Currys PC World

Last weekend I was kindly invited to a photography workshop in Brighton, sponsored by Currys PC World! The workshop was held at the Brighton Media Centre and taught by Dade Freeman, a Brighton based photographer who specialises in portraits (check out his work here). It was really nice to meet some new bloggers and everyone was super friendly! We were greeted and immediately guided towards the coffee making facilities, what else could I ask for?
The main aim of the workshop was to help us use our DSLR to its full potential and get off auto mode. Dade started by telling us about different functions such as aperture, shutter speed and ISO. I knew most of the things from photography a-level but it was nice to get a bit of a refresher course and I learned that a high ISO makes your pictures appear more grainy! Grainy pictures is something I always struggle with because my room is so dark and now I know why and I can prevent it by adjusting my settings.
After learning about the technical aspects we had a little tea break and time to roam about in the studio. The Brighton Media Center has a big photography studio that you can rent out, which is pretty awesome. After I was done admiring the studio, we came back and learned more about photo composition and how a few minor changes in where you stand can often make a massive difference to the composition of your pictures. 

Here's a cheeky little outfit of the day that I snapped in the mirror in the studio:

My favourite part of the workshop was Dade showing us different settings on the same image so you could really see how ISO, aperture and shutter speed affect a picture.
After the second part, we had a lovely little lunch made up of sandwiches, crisps and some cheeky percy pigs, after which we then got a few 'challenges' for taking pictures outside. The challenges were to use leading lines, framing your subject matter, using a shallow depth of field, capturing motion, photographing symmetry and freezing fast action (obviously not all in the same photo!). We were then let loose on the beach in Brighton and tried to complete as many of the challenges as possible- below are the photos that I managed to get.

Freeze fast action

Capture motion

Shallow depth of field

Overall I had an amazing day and I'm really happy that I got to go to such a fantastic event. The workshop really inspired me to not only get off auto mode and use my camera properly but also to be more creative and get back into photography. I also met some great bloggers and just had an all around good day!

If you want to know more, here's a little summary that Currys wrote about the day:

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