Searching for the perfect backpack

I'm not going to lie, I'm not the biggest fan of backpacks. I think to pull one off you need to either be quite petite or seriously cool, and I am most certainly neither of those things. Having said that, they are extremely practical and I'm going on holiday to Paris and Amsterdam with friends and then Canada with family this year, so I kind of need a practical bag.
I love shoulder bags and wear them every day, but sometimes they do hurt my shoulder and by the end of the day my back hurts, which isn't ideal when you're walking around a city or hiking (yes that's what we will be doing in Canada) all day. So I've decided that I'm going to venture into backpack territory. You may have identified a trend in the above picture- black (faux) leather is definitely what I'm going for in the hope that the coolness of the leather will hide the fact that I am not cool enough to pull of a backpack (that made much more sense in my head...). Anyway, I looked around about a million websites and this is the selection I have narrowed it down to.

River Island, right (£30), left (£30)
I think my favourite out of these two is the one on the right, as it's quite slouchy and I really like the zipper detail. I also like that it has side pockets so if I'm walking around I can put my camera in the pocket and can easily take it out if I need it, rather than having to search the entire inside of my backpack for it. The quilted backpack on the left is more structured, which could also be good, but it doesn't look quite as relaxed and I'm not sure if it could fit as much stuff as the other one.

I'm extremely undecided about these two. The bottom one looks really cool, but a lot more dressed up in my opinion because it's quite structured, however I really like the different materials. The top backback is really unusual with the front zip and I think it looks awesome but I'm not sure how secure it would be because it doesn't have a flap on the top and I'm going to be wearing it in cities and don't want someone to just be able to stick their hand in it and steal all my stuff...

Urban Outfitters, left (£42), right (£75)
In true UO style, these are by far the most expensive. I like the one on the left because again it's quite slouchy and the closure is really nice, although it might get annoying to open and close all the time. The one on the right is similar but with the added bonus of an extra front pocket, which would be useful but also a pickpocket's dream. And let's face it, £75 is far out of my price range for a backpack which I probably won't even wear that much...

Which one is your favourite? Help me decide in the comments!

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